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Everything Has To Match

When creating a Sim, it’s vital that everything should match. Whether it’s the eyes, the clothes or the traits – we want all to go smoothly together. And sometimes we just can’t decide on the right color tone, so we spend hours deciding for it. To help you with this, here we provided some of the most fantastic skin mods and CC for The Sims 4. Enjoy!

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The Best Skin Overlay Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Smooth Ethereal Skin Overlay

We start it right off with one of the most popular skin mods on The Sims Resource! The overlay is highly realistic and resembles a beautiful real life skin tone of a fashion model! Don’t think too long about getting this one and download it from this site.

One-for-all Fit Skin Overlay

To get an one-for-all kind of skin overlay is easy! You need to get this genius mod by Pralinesims which could fit every Sim in every outfit and with every makeup! Already trendy at The Sims Resource, with nearly 200,000 downloads, you can also get it from there.

Sims 4 Alpha Eyes

Gorgeous Lumi Skin Overlay

For both male and female Sims we have this gorgeous overlay. Neat design and many color tones to choose from – what more can we ask for? It’s also a creation of fame by Pralinesims and you can download it from here.

Markus HQ Skin Overlay for Males

If you want to make your male Sims as real as they can be, try this mod! It’s exclusive on all of the body, but the face is where the overlay shows its true quality. Infinite thanks to Ms Blue who created the it and made it possible for a download at this page.

Popular Mia Skin Overlay

If you’ve ever held a Barbie Doll in your hands, then you know how it feels to have this mod in your Sims 4 collection! Its 560,000 downloads at The Sims Resource are not for nothing – they speak of just how well this skin overlays suits every Sim out there! Give your thanks to Milarasims and download the mod from here.

Mirabelle HQ Skin Overlay for Females

From head to toes, this skin will transform your girls characters into delicate flowers. With or without a makeup, you really can’t go wrong here! The CC is another creation by Ms Blue which you can download from this site.

Black Chrome Skin Overlay

Are you going for a bit of fantasy gameplay? No, problem! This skin overlay is a fantastic addition, no matter if you’re creating an alien, a vampireor whatever else. It’s black, metallic and fearless! The maker is Melissaq64 and you can download her mod from here.

Skeleton Skin Overlays for Males And Females

And if you just want to goof around, have fun or plan a costume party – have a look at this CC! The design here is simple and beautiful and plus it can be used for both males and females. We discovered it at ModTheSims and it was published there by Obj. To download it quickly, follow this link.

PS Unisex Alpha Skin Overlay

One more invaluable addition to The Sims 4 Pralinesims we have here. On a male or a female Sim and no matter which age they are, this skin overlay can enrich all of their looks and it’s something we can’t play without! If you want to give it a try too, follow this link.

PS Healthy Skin Overlay

Sometimes our Sims don’t look like real people, right? And a big part of the reason why is because their skin looks too cartoonish! Well, here is the solution! Pralinesims has created one more realistic and healthy mod for both sexes, so you need to hurry up and download it from here.

PS Hydra Skin Overlay

With more than 700,000 downloads, you understand why this mod is here! And you can decide by simply looking at the picture whether you should download it or not, but know that we put this skin overlay on almost all of our Sims. And if you do want to get it for yourself, use this direct link.

PS Powder Skin Overlay

Sims 4 alpha eyebrows

Powder up and look fabulous! We can’t stress enough how well this overlay looks inside the game, but trust us – it’s better than you expect! All of the base 18 colors work great with it and no matter on which type of Sim you put it, it will still look damn good! For a quick download, click here.

Sims 4 Alpha Cc Kids Hair

PS Veox Skin Overlay

And we’re ending this list with a skin overlay by Pralinesims! It comes in 6 variants but it works with every base EA color, so customizing and matching won’t be your problem. It’s also adapted for males and females, so they can all look their best! To find more info about the creator or the mod, visit The Sims Resource, and if you want a quick download, follow this link.

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