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LINCOLNSHIRE, IL — Snap-on Diagnostics has introduced its new SOLUS PRO Scanner that gives its users a competitive edge in the always evolving automotive repair industry.AdvertisementClick Here. How to add photo in word doc at right corner. Not sure if you will find 17.2 since updates are currently at 17.4 but if I were you I would wait a couple of months till 18.2 is released and update it to the latest. No need to pay for it all at once you can get a sub and pay for it weekly, no brainer.

With the ever shrinking share of the New Scanner market that Snappy has to contend with , you would think that they would be wide open to selling Heavily discounted Final Legacy software updates for all their old discontinued platforms for a decade afterwards with a 90 day warranty on correct operation of the software package installed software.
$300 for 9.2 for Black Cartridge MT2500 including Euro
$500 Solus Pro including Euro
$650 Modis including Euro
$700 Verus
Of course the price of the Legacy software updates prices would need to go down to about the Rock Bottom $300 price near the end of a decade and Snappy would still be getting revenue from Legacy updates , from DIY back yard mechanics , retired guys working on old [email protected], Guys still wanting to access OBD1 on something a little newer than a Brick with a 9V battery and a tiny black and white display , and supplementing older guys with Chinaman tools that occasionally won't work with an older OBD2 vehicle, or ocasionally need to scope something with a Modis or Verus.

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Snap On Solus Pro Software Update

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