So D4vid asked me in how i animate all my stuff like effects,the fights, the talking and 3D stuff and he was amazed on what i taught to him so he wanted me t. Hey guys, thanks for watching the video. A like and subscribe would be appreciated:) Music- Spektrem Shine Pleas. Stick Nodes is a powerful stickman animator app created with mobile devices in mind! Inspired from the popular Pivot stickfigure animator, Stick Nodes allows users to create their own stickfigure-based movies and even export them as animated GIFs and MP4 videos!

Stick Nodes is an app designed for those who love animation and want to learn how to animate their own characters. While it may look basic at first glance, it comes loaded with custom features and allows you to share all your creations. Simple bootstrap image gallery.

If you ever wanted to learn how to make animated characters but couldn't afford college or online classes, this app can teach you all the fundamentals that you need to know. It starts out with simple stick figures that you can make move and dance across your screen. You can zoom in on the joints and other features to decide how each body part should move. The app has an undo feature for those times when you make a change and don't like how it looks and a redo feature for anything you want to fix.

You'll find other tools in the form of buttons on the side of the screen. Those buttons allow you to copy a stick figure that you made and paste it into another file or to paste a figure that you copied before into your current file. There are also buttons that let you tell the app how to move your figures. While using this app can take some time, you may have fun experimenting with all the buttons and features to see what each one does. If you need any extra help, you'll find loads of free videos available on YouTube.

Once you feel more confident in your skills, you can go beyond simple stick figures. This app allows you to customize your figures with clothing and hair or other features. You can make figures that look just like any of your favorite animated characters. Some users disliked that the app only lets them save 40 characters in total though. As you become a better animator, you may need to delete some of your older figures to give yourself some room.

With support available in five languages, Stick Nodes is a suitable app for animators from around the world. It has a simple interface that asks you to pinch your fingers together and move them to make changes to your figure and to move it across the screen. You can save all your work in videos that use either an MP4 or a GIF format and export those files to websites such as YouTube. Stick Notes is one of the ultimate free apps for budding animators of all ages.


  • Offers an easy way for you to design and animate your own characters
  • Includes a Quick Menu that makes it easier to use
  • Available as a free app and Pro (paid) app
  • Many different custom features are available for users
  • Has an export feature for sharing your creations


  • Limits you to just 40 saves
  • Has a short lag time
  • Is quite challenging to use
  • Some users reported frequent crashes

Table of Contents

  • 2 Main features of the game
  • 3 How to download and install
  • 4 Frequently asked questions
  • 5 Best alternative for FlipaClip

FlipaClip is an application that gives expression to your creativity and wings to your imaginations. FlipaClip provides you with all you need to create fabulous cartoon animations, from brushes of different sizes and thickness to about a hundred different colors and lots of options to pointing out your mistakes and helping you correct them, giving you the satisfaction of successfully delivering a creative burden.

With FlipaClip you can hone your professional creative skills or build the nascent ones.

Price : Free
Operating System : Windows, Mac
Application Category : Animation

Key Features

  • i. Production of animation videos
  • ii. Several drawing materials
  • iii. Various layers
  • iv. Can be used offline
  • v. Ability to draw layers
  • vi. Lots of filters
Stick nodes animation download for pc mediafire


  • i. Variety of options
  • ii. Excellent drawing materials
  • iii. In harmony with Samsung Spen and digital pen
  • Cons
  • i. Time consuming
  • ii. Contains ads

Stick Node Animation Studio

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Main features of the game

Animated videos

The major feature of FlipaClip is to help you create cartoon animations and it does this in a fantastic manner, it also includes onion layers which allows you see ghost images before and after you insert frames. If you are a fan of cartoons who has story ideas buzzing in his/head by now you’d be very well on your way to downloading FlipaClip because you don’t need anything more to be brain behind someone’s favourite cartoon.

Various drawing materials

FlipaClip comprises tons of drawing materials therefore allowing you to do something as simple as sketching with a pencil and eraser, you are also at liberty to choose the exact kind of brush you want to use, choose from about 100 different colours and decide how you want the lines you make with your brush to be arranged. FlipaClip doesn’t expect you to improvise or manage, you have all you need to do exactly what you want to do.


Creative process

Stick Nodes Animation Download

FlipaClip takes you through the creative process of expressing yourself and letting your imaginations run free, while at this FlipaClip also informs you of your mistakes and allows you to correct them, the pride that comes with making a successful video after so much effort can not even be compared, basically FlipaClip is the creative arts teacher you need. In case you never liked your creative arts teacher back at school and it tainted your perception and love for arts, FlipaClip will change your mind.

Frame manager

Stick nodes pc version

FlipaClip provides a frame manager feature that helps you put frames in the cartoons you create. It also allows you to select any picture you want as your background image or even take a picture with the camera. FlipaClip doesn’t offer limited materials, you have a wide range to choose from, you are also allowed to import and export whatever you think will add more spice to your video but you can’t seem to find on FlipaClip.

Sharing of Videos

FlipaClip gives you all the help you need as regards sharing your videos across all social media platforms such as : YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, TikTok e.t.c. You don’t need to download an extra app to help you share, FlipaClip is your producer and distributor.


How to download and install

To download FlipaClip on your PC, you need an android emulator, you could check the internet for android emulators and download anyone of your choice. After download the android emulator, install it and run it on your PC, you can now follow the steps stated below to get FlipaClip on your PC

i. Log in to your Google account from your android emulator
ii. Using your search bar, look for “FlipaClip”
iii. Click on install when you see your result
iv. Wait for it to install, open your FlipaClip and enjoy.


I would recommend FlipaClip to everyone because creativity is needed in every aspect of life and what better way to express creativity than to actually express it by engaging in creative exercises, FlipaClip provides materials, instructions and inspiration in form of colours and sketches. FlipaClip is an awesome app that will not only enhance your artistic abilities but also sharpen your creativity.

Frequently asked questions

i. Is FlipaClip free on PC?

FlipaClip takes you through a step by step process of creating cartoon animations, FlipaClip can be used on PCs and smart phones and it is totally free.

ii. How do you get FlipaClip for PC?

To download FlipaClip on your PC you need to have an android emulator installed on your PC, BlueStacks and Nox player are super excellent as far as android emulators go, you can now download FlipaClip via your android emulator.

iii. How can I get FlipaClip on my PC without BlueStacks?

There are other android emulators apart from BlueStacks although BlueStacks is the most preferred by users, Nox player, Andy and Remix OS are other android emulators you can use.

iv. Is it hard to learn how to use FlipaClip?

No, it isn’t because it is a step by step process and FlipaClip comprises instructions and hints as to what to do next

Best alternative for FlipaClip

i. Draw Cartoons 2 –

Draw Cartoons is particularly famous for making the whole cartoon creation process very much easier from it’s a simple and catchy interface to its awesome features, it allows you to create and publish with absolutely no stress and no cost whatsoever.

ii. Toontastic 3D –

Toontastic is unique with its 3D features as it records and saves your voice and animations as a 3D video. It helps you to specially design your cartoon characters and lets your imaginations come alive as you tell your story.

iii. Stick Nodes –

Stick Nodes can be referred to as the younger sibling of Pivot Stick Figure animator. Supported by Windows and iOS devices Stick Nodes allows you to make animated stick figures in little or no time.

iv. Animate it! –

This is a standard cartoon creation application that helps you make quality animated videos in the simplest way possible, giving you full control over what you create with a wide range of materials and colors to choose from.


In conclusion, FlipaClip is a spectacular application that you won’t regret spending time with, you don’t even need a manual to understand how to find your way around it, it deftly takes you through the creative process.

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