Author: Jude

Sweet heat candy

Crossover: btvs/Stargate(/Anita Blake implied)

Inspired by the gorgeous yet rugged African landscape, these effortlessly stylish pieces look even better with age. As a Hyena fanatic, this plush was a score, and a big hit. I love him, and how soft and cuddly he is. He’s very soft, very cuddly, and he can sit with his cute paws up; with the most innocent looking eyes. He’s as sweet as sweet can get, and for the money, I am very pleased. The plush didn’t arrive with tears or holes.

Pairing: Xander?

Beta: Mia and James

They are the best.

Summary: Xander just wanted a quiet evening to forget all the bad memories,

Of the last few weeks. Guess what? Well, he's not going to have

It, a knock at his door and a phone ring will change his life



Prologue: A quiet evening in Xanderland.

Xander was enjoying his first guilty-free evening, since the aborted wedding.

He was cocooning in his old leather couch, with a beer, some Chinese take


out and 'The X-Files' marathon on Sci-Fi. He had seen Anya at the Bronze,

last night, when he had stopped there for a beer after patrolling with Spike.

Apparently, she was all demon-like, again. And she seemed happier that way

than she had ever been in all her time with him.

The last couple of weeks had been a real guilt trip for him, but after seeing her

joking and smiling at the though of her next vengeance job, he could not regret

his decision anymore. He had let her control his life for too long, just because

he was feeling lonely, left aside by his friends again. Oh, it was not their fault

this time, just the circumstances of life. They all had a girl or a boyfriend or some

great study plans; even Giles had decided to move on. Well, they had drifted apart,

and when Anya had made her move, he had jumped on the offer just to feel like

someone cared. And, one thing entraining another, he had been carried away,

dragged by the flow. Thanks to that demon, or man, or what ever thing Anya had

cursed in the past who had came to the wedding to punish Anya by showing him

false visions of their future, he had had a good wake up call, before he had made

the biggest mistake of his short life!

Of course, his friends were thinking that it was the vision of the future, the demon

had shown him, which had frightened him, and pushed him on the running path.

But it had been his feeling of total detachment which made him run. How could he

marry someone he doesn't care enough for? He needed to be the alpha male in his

couple. And with Anya it was not possible. She wanted to dominate him so much

that his hyena was thrashing, urging him to beat her until Anh understood that

she was only beta to them. So, he had left her at the altar!

He was slowly drifting to sleep, when a knock at his door woke him up. /Who the

hell could be knocking at this time of the night / He had been clear, when he had

talked with Willow last night that he wanted to be left alone, just for one night. That

he would not move from his couch, not for pizza, Scooby meeting, not even if the

world was ending, ……..again! After another couple of knocks, he finally moved

himself from his sitting position, to the door of his apartment.

When he finally opened it, he found himself face to face with four children.

They were dark haired, with deep green coloured eyes, twin boys who must have

been ten to twelve years approximately, and an older girl, probably sixteen, holding

a baby. The girl was crying, trembling with deep sobs, the boys in front of her trying

to shield her and the baby from an eventual danger, tears kept with force in their eyes,

but you could see that they just wanted to hide their faces in the girl light blue dress.

They looked at Xander, with frightened eyes. It was the girl who finally talk, in a

Willow babble speed kind of rush.

'so…….sorrytodisturbyou,buttheslayerjustkilledourparentsandwearewere- hyenasandtheywereshiftingshecalledthemdemonsandbeheadedmomwithasword


leaderinthistown,togototheobaandaskforprotection,and,'sob,'and,'deep breath. 'and,wehadgonetothemanandhesaidthatalexanderharriswasthepackleader.




And she began to cry much louder, hugging the baby a little bit more.

Xander looked at them seriously, he had understood almost the whole story, but needed

to hear it a second time to be sure.

'Could you repeat that more slowly sweetie, so I could answer your questions and

help you.' He said with a gentle voice, before taking the baby, who was sleeping in

her arms and making them enter the living room. He made them sit, and after a quick

trip to the kitchen, providing them some soda and handkerchief. 'Now sweetie,

explain to me what happened again.' He said rocking the baby, who had just began to whimper softly n his dreams, lightly.

'My name is Nicole, the twins are Marcus and Jayne, the baby is Albumine, but

Sweet Heal

we call her Mina; we are the Logans. We were moving from Texas to Sunnydale

for Daddy's work. We had just come in town and we were near the north cemetery

when the car broke. Daddy knew this guy called Willy the Snitch and we were five

minute from his bar, but we needed to cross the cemetery to go ask for his help. We

Visual c++ mac. were almost on the other side, when a bunch of vamps attacked us, Mom and Daddy

decided to shift to defend us, when the slayer came and made the vamps flew. Our

parent were in the middle of shifting and she called them demon and kill them, first she beheaded mom with a sword, then Daddy put himself between her and us, screaming to

us to go ask Willy for help and that he would know who is the hyena pack leader in this

town, since we are all were-hyena, and to go to the Oba of Sunnydale and ask for

protection. And Willy said that Alexander Harris was the pack leader. So, he brought

us here to him. Please, please Mister Harris tell us that you're the Oba, because

the Slayer sliced Daddy in two pieces and there was so much blood everywhere

and we have no one else and I don't know what to do if your not him, or if the Slayer

finds us, and we are so, so scared.' She tells in a little voice broken with sobs, pain,

and her body shacking furiously.

Xander put himself beside her on the couch, took her in his free arm, and began to

purr lightly. At that sound she began to calm and purr in return, her head on his

shoulder, the twins decided to come and sit at their feet their heads on his knees,

purring lightly to shush their sister too.

'I'll take care of you, I'm the Oba of the were-hyena pack of this town, and I won't

let the Slayer touch you, or even come near you. You are now blood of my blood,

flesh of my flesh, my kin, my cubs, and no one hurts what is mine.' With his last word,

he bite lightly on the girl jugular, then each of the twins, and finally the baby's making

sure not to wake her, putting his claim on the new cubs of his pack. 'We'll go fetch

your car and what's inside tomorrow, I'm going to call someone to go and take care of

your parent's body. So, they can have a decent sepulture.' He continued to talk to them,

while purring for a long moment, and when they finally fall asleep, he took them and put

them in his bed in his bedroom, making a cradle for Mina in a drawer of his dresser,

before coming back in the living room to make some phone calls. When he had finished,

he finally took the time to let Nicole story take its plain measure.

'God, Buffy, what have you done?' Said Xander with a voice filled with sorrow,

finally letting his emotion show on his face, a tear falling silently on his face.

It had taken superhuman willpower to show no reactions to Nicole's story.

The children needed to be reassured, and as their new Oba it was now his role.

Something had change tonight and because of that he would have to explain to his

friends that he was a were. When they knew the truth, he would need to fight one of

his best friend or his pack would challenge him for the power. If someone else became

Oba, his friends and the fighters for the light side would be dead in less then a day.

Tomorrow night, he would fight Buffy, to avenge his new pack members, because

with him she would stay alive to see an other day. Tomorrow night, he would loose his family, to save them all. Tomorrow night, he would take the cubs and leave Sunnydale forever, to save him and the cubs.

As another tear ran on his face, the phone began to ring, the ring of more changes for

Sweet Heat


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