Dec 09, 2017 I completed the Wealthy Collector quest, but shortly after I ended up getting another jade figurine from a chest in a cave. Still says it's a quest item, but the collector won't take it and just gives the same old line. Sep 08, 2016 Feiyan gives quest to find Yellow Emperor Travel through the south opening Quinba Bamboo Forest Jinghe River Valley Mount Qiyun. Talk to the bloke on the throne. (Always talk to everyone several times.). Leave through the open space to the right of the throne. Travel through the Jinghe Wetlands back to Chang'an. Apr 25, 2010 Titan Quest - Original Soundtrack by Scott B. Morton & Michael Verrette Track 28 - Jade Palace Comment and vote if you want!;). Thanks for reading, if any of you have other advices regarding my Haruspex feel free to post them:D About the Pride of the Jade Palace set I got it from my other characters boss run on Ormenos, about 160 Ormenos slaughtered till I got the full set! I was lucky enough to get the Jade Jewellery full set as well.

Immortal Throne, Ragnarok and Atlantis storyline and DLC walkthrough

Titan Quest is a great game for Diablo fans. In this article, you will find the complete walkthrough of the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, which includes the base game and all its DLCs.

The scholars have determined that the last Titan is imprisoned nearby. They fear that the telkine may use the sickle to free him. The exact location of the prison is not documented, but the Yellow Emperor in The Jade Palace on Mount Qiyun knows where it is.

Titan Quest Walkthrough – Act 1: Greece

Restless village

The hero begins his adventure on the river bank next to a small Greek hut. He will tell you that satyrs and other monsters attacked his village, so we go to the nearest village to find out information about the current situation. Having received all the necessary information, we go to clean up the territories. In the Woods of Gelos, we win the battle of the satyr shaman and return to the city. We go to the camp of the Spartans and talk to Leonidas’ assistant.

Spartans at war

Brasidas asks to protect the peasants from the attacks of the centaur Nessus and his robbers. Only then will the hero be allowed to meet with the commander. We leave further along the road and deal with all opponents. We return to the camp and talk with Leonidas, who will send the hero to the Oracle at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.

Oracle predictions

We get to the temple and learn about the origin of monsters in Greece. Be sure to get a branch of an olive tree on the way for a gift to the priest, otherwise the conversation will not take place. The oracle will advise the hero to go to the Parnassian caves to clarify the data received from the girl.

Lair of monsters

We follow to the Parnassian mountains, we find three Medusa Gorgons and we kill them. After the battle, we meet the warrior Feiyan, who is going to find the sorcerer Telkhin. He has gathered a huge army of monsters and intends to lead his army to Athens.

Battle of Athens

We get to the city and learn from Leonidas that the evil sorcerer disappeared without a trace during the battle, but the battle for the city is not over yet, so the hero needs to deal with the remaining enemy forces in order to free Athens.

Order of Prometheus

We question the inhabitants of the city and learn that Telkhin summoned monsters to the Acropolis. We leave for the catacombs and clear the entire territory from enemies. On the fifth level of the dungeon, behind a stone door is Alastor, who must be destroyed. After defeating the enemy we talk with the philosopher Phaedrus, who is the current head of the Order. From him we learn that the enemy army went to Knossos in search of an ancient artifact. We hurry to the Athenian port and, after a short conversation with the warrior Feillian, we go to the island of Crete in search of a legendary item that connects the worlds of people and gods.

Minotaur Labyrinth

Once in the vicinity of Heraklion, we ask the local residents about the monsters. Telkhin had visited this village the day before. We are heading on the trail of the sorcerer straight to the Labyrinth of Minos, where we have to protect the artifact from enemies and defeat the villain. In one of the halls of the labyrinth, we defeat the Lord of the Minotaurs and go further. At the end of the location we meet Megalesius, the first Telkhin, and we defeat him in battle. The artifact for communication with the gods is broken, and without the help of higher powers, people will not be able to cope with the horde of monsters. We talk with Cyrus. Leonidas managed to recapture Greece from the monsters, but people still do not believe in their strength in the fight against the enemy. We go in search of the sage Imhotep, the Egyptian leader of the Order of Prometheus. He probably knows another way to connect with the gods. To do this, we move by ship to Rakotis.

Additional tasks of the act:

  • “Monster robbers”;
  • “The man cornered”;
  • Skeleton Raids;
  • “Ambush”;
  • Lost Dowry;
  • “Old Warrior”;
  • “Lost things”;
  • “Poisoned Spring”;
  • “Shipwreck”;
  • “Noble Centaur”;
  • “Master Blacksmith”;
  • “Hunted in Ruins”;
  • The Lost Spartans.

Act 2: Egypt

Blindness of the Gods

We get down from the ship, go ahead and get acquainted with Imhotep, who will tell you that there are also problems in Egypt. Pharaoh fled from the city to the pyramids, and the village was attacked by monsters, which the local troops cannot drive away. However, the Egyptian knows a ritual with which one can try to contact the gods. To carry out this rite, you will need a Scroll of Challenge, in search of which the hero must go.

We hurry to the library, through the slums of Rakotis and go down to the lower level. We defend the territory and defeat the huge scarab. We pass into the room further and take away the wanted scroll from the stele. We leave the location through the opened secret passage and go to the city of Sais. The leader of the Order left him in a hurry and headed for Memphis. We destroy enemies in the Lower Nile and come to the market square, where Imhotep is waiting for the protagonist.

Ritual of Challenge

To successfully conduct the ritual, you will need to find two artifacts: the Eye of Chaos and the Hand of Balance. We pass through the eastern gate and follow the road forward. Having reached the Great Sphinx, we go down to the tomb. We deal with all the enemies and open the door at the end of the location. We destroy the guard of honor of the pharaoh, take the first artifact and set off on a long journey to Giz. We choose one of two ways: Fayumsky pareval or Quarter of artisans. We reach the Temple of Atum and go up the stairs. We deal with the huge scorpion Nehebkau and take away the Eye of Chaos. We return to Imhotep and give the collected relics. The ritual will end in failure, so the connection with the gods is completely lost.

Telkhin in Egypt

Local Telkhin destroys all temples in Egypt, which are under the protection of the Order of Prometheus. The only line of defense remained the tomb of Ramses in Thebes. We go to the indicated place, we pass inside and destroy the enemies. We open the closed door in the far hall of the dungeon and win the battle of the Egyptian Telkhin. We take away the ancient tablet and take Imhotep to Thebes.

Sickle Crohn

Another Telkhin is looking for the unique Cronus Sickle, which once belonged to the Titans, with which you can easily kill even a god. We go to the temple of Hatshepsut and destroy the Scorpion King, use the Rod of Eternity received from Imhotep to open the portal to Babylon and proceed to the next act.

Additional tasks of the act:

  • “Heirloom”;
  • “The Witch in the Ring”;
  • “Legendary Monster”;
  • “The Troubles of Egyptian Farmers”;
  • “Disasters of caravans”;
  • “The beggar of the beggars”;
  • The Lost Brother;
  • “Request of the High Priest”;
  • “Curse of Cheops”;
  • “Hiding the Treasure”.

Act 3: East

After moving to a new location, we communicate with Zakir from the Babylonian Order of Prometheus. Telkhin managed to enter the sacred chambers located in the temple of Marduk. We rise to the top of the mountain, go inside and go down to the lower level. After the destruction of all enemies, we defeat the Chimera in a separate room. We pass into the next room and talk to an old acquaintance, the warrior Feiyan, who could not stop the villain.

Finding the Sickle

This quest is rather short, so after you have destroyed enough enemies, the quest will automatically update.

Journey to the Jade Palace

We move to the vicinity of Babylon, where we meet the farmer Appa, who will tell the hero about Telkhin, who set off along the Silk Road. We pursue the enemy and confirm the information received earlier from Minani. Having reached Tsongo Peak, we communicate with the elder, who will advise you to go through the Ice Caves to catch up with Telkhin. We continue the race and make our way through the crowds of enemies on the Great Wall of China. In the village of Zhidan, we ask the local residents and learn from the peasant Fan Ye that Telkhin went to the royal palace in Chang-An.

In the central square, we meet the surviving warrior Feiyan, who will tell about the sorcerer. He tries to free the only Titan not exiled to Tartarus. The location of the prison may be known by the Yellow Emperor from the Jade Hall. We follow the road ahead, climb Mount Chi Yun and defeat the Bull. We pass into the Hall and in a conversation with the Emperor we learn that the gods imprisoned the Titan Typhon under Mount Wusao. We hurry to the named place to get ahead of Telkhin and try to prevent the insidious plan from being implemented. On the way, we communicate with Feilland and go to the mountain through the Forest of Ancestors.

Having reached the destination, we find Telkhin, who manages to cut the shackles of Typhon with the Sickle of Cronus and releases him free. The Titan passes through the portal and travels to Olympus. We defeat the enemy and climb the mountain to the gods. On the way, we destroy the cyclops and begin the final battle of the act.

How to defeat Typhon

The Titan is considered the most powerful opponents in the game, since many of the moves are impossible for the player to dodge. The enemy uses magic and often sucks life and energy from the hero. It is advisable to take with you more healing potions, which will definitely come in handy in battle.

After defeating the enemy, we receive a reward from Zeus and go on an underground adventure.

Additional tasks of the act:

  • Seed of Destruction;
  • “Giant Yeti”;
  • “The Child and the Beast”;
  • “Rescue of the caravan”;
  • “Riddle in the Mountains”;
  • “Pengi”;
  • The Rich Collector;
  • “Terracotta Warriors”;
  • “The Monster in the Woods”;
  • Lessons in Courage;
  • “The Emperor’s Clay Warriors”;
  • “Behind the Waterfall”;
  • “General at rest”;
  • The Hermit Sage;
  • “Three sisters”.

Titan Quest Walkthrough – Act 4: The Underworld

Mysterious message

We move through the port to the Temple of Apollo, which is located near Rados. The ghost of the old man will warn of the danger from creatures from the underworld, so you need to go to the witch Medea, who will tell you the further way.

The price assigned by Medea

We get to the witch. She doesn’t mind helping, but in exchange for Gray’s eye. We’ll have to explore all the ancient castles and caves in the area, but we will only find the necessary artifact in the Tsakon ruins in the Forkid Sanctuaries.

The road to the realm of the dead

We return to the witch and give the received item. She will warn the hero about the impending war and open a portal to the Underworld, where it is necessary to fight Charon. We pass inside and find ourselves in Epirus.

Last Judgment

The road to Elysium passes through the Stygian Marshes. We get to the first circle, where in the last hall we will have to deal with Cerberus and stop the invasion of monsters. After defeating the three-headed dog, we talk with three judges, who, in gratitude, will open a hidden passage.


In the city, we communicate with the guard and learn that only a living person can pass through the gates of the Underworld of the Dead, therefore the spirits constantly lose in battles with monsters. We leave in search of Odysseus, who will help to sneak into the city unnoticed.

Lord of the underworld

We pass into the palace through the hole in the wall and defeat the bone golem. The hero needs to save Persephone and defeat Hades with his blade. The boss fight is not particularly different from the previous battles, but it is divided into several stages. First, you will have to defeat the body of Hades, which will mutate during the battle, and after the end of the first stage, you will need to deal with the spirit of God. During the battle, the boss often uses various spells: he launches large waves along the ground and throws magic balls at the hero. After the victory, we communicate with the girl and go through the open portal to another location. On this adventure in the Underworld will be completed.

Additional tasks of the act:

  • “In ruins”;
  • “Dangerous Mission”;
  • The Stygian Seal;
  • “Admet in the kingdom of the dead”;
  • The Secret Struggle;
  • “Aheyskiy pass”;
  • “Sabotage”;
  • “Impossible task”;
  • “The Story of Crabs”;
  • Torchbearers’ Leggings;
  • “Ashes of a Titan”;
  • “Treasures of Hades”;
  • “Invitation”;
  • Orpheus and Eurydice;
  • Siege Walkers;
  • “Faster than the wind”;
  • “Necromanteion”;
  • The Stolen Seal;
  • “Potion Lapido”;
  • “Treasures of Ancient Kings”;
  • “Forest Outpost”;
  • Value Hunters;
  • “Enemy leader”;
  • “Leading behind”.

Act 5: Ragnarok

The troubles of a new era

Having moved to a new location, we communicate with the old man, go out into the street and go to the two soldiers to the southeast, where we meet with Tsar Leonidas and his assistant. Go ahead, go around the building on the right side and communicate with Aristarchus. We hurry to the north to the fortress by the water and communicate with a frightened man who will tell the hero about a terrible creature that terrorizes the inhabitants by the water. Move on and enter the first boss battle in this city.

How to defeat the boar of Ketos

The serpent constantly summons newts and launches green balls from its mouth at the warrior. We try to inflict damage only on the boss and after a while he will hide under the water. In this short period of time, we focus all our attention on the minions who will try to surround the hero. We deal with all the opponents and after the successful destruction of the boss we take items from the chest, after which we return to the Greek in red robes and complete the task.

Warrior Princess

We go down the stairs and meet the warrior Ylva, who was looking for a protagonist throughout Greece. She will ask you to go to Glauberg to help deal with the monsters that have invaded Scandinavia. We approach the sailor in the south and go to Hoineburg by ship.

Once in the Danube location, we communicate with the port worker Warmariy, who is ready to start unloading the hero’s ship after a while. We hurry to the city to the west and find the leader Budoriks, who will tell you in which direction you need to go to meet Ilva.

We rise into the mountains, deal with a hundred enemies along the way and find a guard who warns of danger on the roads to Glauberg. We follow further along the road and kill all enemies. Having found the old man’s gatehouse, we can take an additional quest to destroy the bandit camp. We pass further and find a village in which a warrior is already waiting for the hero. The local cult of Nerta may have the information they need: the key to saving everyone in Scandinavia.

Power of Nerta

We talk with the prince standing next to him, who will ask for a service and tell the details about the cult. We hit the road and go through a vast location, until we stumble upon a cave through which we can go to the island of Nerta, where we find four shamans of the sectarians who need to be destroyed on assignment. We deal with opponents and teleport to Glauberg to the prince. Be sure to raise all the mystical spheres, otherwise the task will not move forward. We get a well-deserved experience and go north to Zealand.

We communicate with the captain of the merchant ship Wodbald and move forward along the coast. We destroy enemies, take away three stolen chests and return to the ship. Now the captain will happily take the hero to the shores of Scandinavia, where winter has already come. Antec kuhler h2o 920 chill control software. Having reached the settlement of King Gylphy, we pass into the largest building in the city center. The ruler worries about Ilva, who could be kidnapped by enemies and asks the hero to go in search of her. This completes the task.

Scandinavia under siege

We follow north through the entire location. The trolls are already waiting for the protagonist. We deal with the enemies, cross the narrow bridge and meet the golden boar.

How to defeat the Golden Boar

The enemy is very strong and for the most part only deals melee attacks. We always keep our distance. At some point, the boss starts hitting the ground with golden waves. We run away and replenish the missing health. After a special technique we finish off the enemy and pick up all the items.

We get down from the mountain down and we pass into the building where the altar of Odin is located. The cultists are unhappy that the hero has destroyed the golden boar they worshiped. We learn that the warrior is still alive, we kill the enemies and return with the spear of Ilva to the king.

The rescue

Gylfi believes that only a hero can defeat enemies and return his daughter to these lands. To do this, we go to Nidbald, who should lead to the portal. We take the amulet from the chest and hit the road. We reach the coast and move to Kaupangar. We communicate with a woman who does not believe that the hero will be able to open the passage through the gate, but assumes that the necessary key can be found in the fjord. We get to the cave just north of the fishing village and go inside. We kill the lizards and find the relic of the ichthyanders. We leave the location and go along the northwestern road to the southern gate. We use the monolith and destroy the skeletons. The gates will open and the passage to the halls of the door will be free. Go ahead, talk to the person inside and follow the cleanup of the territories in a straightforward location, until we hit the boss.

How to defeat Ostri and Nara

Lords of the dvergrove do not pose a particular danger to the hero. We try to dodge all throwing spells and inflict damage from any distance. Given the level of the hero at this stage of the adventure, the fight will be one of the fastest. After defeating the huge Ostri, you will have to finish off the Nara, who will jump from the giant’s neck. He uses melee attacks. We finish off the enemy and collect the dropped items. We get to the end of the location and open the gate to the master’s forge. We communicate with goblins who are grateful to the hero for saving. They are ready to show a secret path, but first you need to get rid of the evil creatures.

We leave the palaces and find ourselves in the lands of our ancestors. We continue our way further and go down into the cave. We clear the location and meet another boss.

How to defeat the Big Mushroom

The enemy uses minions to distract attention and throw magic balls at him. We are at a distance and do not allow ourselves to be surrounded. We use the bow and after a few hits the creature will fall.

We return to the goblins and we pass through the secret passage opened by the blacksmiths with various hostile creatures. We make our way through the crowds of enemies and find ourselves in Asgard. We reach the city and defend ourselves from the angry inhabitants. After destroying the enemies, we follow to the northeastern part of the location, we pass through the open gates and go into the temple. We get to the prison department and save the warrior Ylva. We follow the girl and find ourselves in the hall with the gods.

How to defeat Odin, Baldr and Freya

It is necessary to destroy enemies in a special order. First we get rid of Odin, and then of Freya. Balder should be left for last, otherwise you won’t be able to inflict damage on the first or second boss. Odin deals physical damage with a melee attack, Freya uses a magic staff, and Balder uses a bow with poison arrows.

As soon as the bosses are defeated, the door will open. As soon as the spell dissipates, the girl will be Loki. We collect items and after a short dialogue the task will be completed.

Wisest creature

One survived. We talk with God and learn that Ragnarok will come soon, which must be stopped, otherwise all worlds will be destroyed. We go in search of Heimdall, who can let Odin into the kingdom of the ice giants and help the hero save all living beings. We follow the god and talk to the magician at the cliff, after which the rainbow bridge will be opened.

We protect Asgard from the attack of the giants and make our way through the enemies in Bivrest. Having reached the other side of the bridge, we go deep into the linear location, destroying the jotuns along the way. At the end of the path, you will have to defeat the boss.

How to defeat Bilge, King of Jotunchem

We dodge the ice blocks, otherwise the hero will freeze and the enemy will have time to come up and deliver a powerful blow. If we didn’t manage to turn away from the magic spell, then we wait for the necessary time and run away from the enemy to restore health. After several repetitive tricks we finish off the Hold and go inside the dungeon, where we get to know the real Ilva. We leave to the Wastelands and go south to Mimir’s storage.

How to defeat Mimir

The boss creates copies that are protected by a magical shield. We shoot each one in turn and, after the appearance of an enemy without a shield, we turn our attention to him. We repeat several times until the enemy is defeated. We empty the chest and talk to God.

Flaming sword

Loki has entered into an agreement with Surt and are already preparing an attack on Asgard. We return to the Yggdrasil Glade and open the secret passage behind the roots. We go down into the room and make our way through the hordes of already familiar enemies. We stumble upon the Tormentor of the dead, which must be destroyed.

How to beat Nidhogg

A huge snake spits poison while its minions shoot from a bow and launch magic balls at the hero. We do not let the evil creature into close combat and concentrate only on the boss.

We leave on Silver Shores and move east until we find ourselves in the Lower Ashlands. We pass to the Altar of fire in the north and destroy all the demons inside. We go forward and kill the priestess of fire, which does not use any special techniques other than fireballs.

We take away the relic and get out. We go east and open the locked doors. Inside we meet Ylva, who will offer to teleport home and not save the Scandinavian gods. We go around it, open the chest and run into the closed door. We return back to the girl and defeat her in the battle. Loki once again tried unsuccessfully to deceive the hero. After a short conversation, we open the locked passage. We destroy all enemies and meet in a fight face to face with Surt.

Titan Quest Walkthrough – How to Defeat Surt

We use only ranged attacks and constantly dodge the fiery stones that the enemy throws. After a while, he will move from one area of ​​lava to another, and at the last stage he will call on small demons for help. We defeat the boss, take the received items and move through the portal to Asgard.

We communicate with the inhabitants of the city and approach Odin, who will open a mysterious magical passage. We go inside and finish the Ragnarok story arc.

Jade palace stratham nh


To begin with, we follow through the portal to the realm of the dead and go down south to the Asomata Coast. We communicate with Marinos and go in search of adventure in Atlantis. We approach the ship and sail to the city of Gadir. We communicate with a new friend and go to Azmelkart in the temple, which can help with the search for the holy scripture of Hercules in exchange for a service. The dead have risen and must be destroyed to protect the locals.

We leave the city and go along the road to the north. The path will lead the hero to the Necropolis. We deal with the undead army and go down to the central tomb. We reach the end of the location and open the sarcophagus of the ancient king of Argantonia.

How to defeat the king of Argantonia

The enemy launches green magic balls at the hero, calls for assistants and uses a special attack in four directions. We don’t let the assistants get close and try to focus all the damage on the boss only. The enemy will be reborn after his health approaches zero. The new minions are trying in every possible way to distract the hero from the king. We finish off the weakened undead and take the Diary of Hercules.

We return to the priest, who allows the protagonist to take the scripture. We go to the researcher Marinos, who will advise you to get two artifacts required for travel to Atlantis. We follow to the west bank and ask the captain of the ship to deliver the hero to Gaulos. We make our way through the crowd of enemies to the northwest and go down into the catacombs. We pass further and fight with the next boss.

How to defeat the Forerunner

A huge crab in most cases tries to get close to the hero and make a melee attack. We run around the cliff and are not distracted by small plants that launch blue magic balls at the protagonist. Sometimes the enemy uses a wave that deals damage and slows down the hero.

We return to the researcher and go in search of the second artifact, the golden apple from the gardens of the Hesperides, which will help calm the sea spirits that live in the vicinity of Atlantis. We find the captain in Gadir and set off for Africa. We follow the main path north to the Atlas Mountains and deal with snakes and harpies along the way. We go deeper and in a secret cave with the help of the portal we are transferred to the gardens. We reach a large glade, where the two-headed dragon Ladon is already waiting for the hero.

How to defeat the dragon Ladon

We keep our distance as the boss tries to strike from above in close combat. As soon as the enemy soars into the sky, we run away and dodge the fiery volley. We finish off the dragon and take away the golden apple.

We teleport to Marinos and after talking with him we sail to Atlantis. The researcher will ask the hero to get into the depths of the forest and scout the situation. To do this, go west from the coast and clear the entire island. Along the way, we can help two ghosts get rid of nearby enemies. We go further until we meet the lizard-like high priest of the serpengoids Vwissliss.

How to beat Wwissliss

The enemy uses only ranged magical attacks: launches a triple shot, powerful electric lightning, or instantly places traps around him. The easiest way is to dodge his techniques at a distance, or try to get behind the enemy. After a short battle, the main mission will be updated.

We continue our journey and go down to the Temple of Poseidon, in the depths of which the god Tiamat is waiting for the hero.

How to defeat Tiamat

The snake is very easy to kill. We dodge volleys of poison and lightning and inflict as much damage as possible until the next shot. The fight is divided into three stages. After the destruction of the enemy, the boss hides underground and appears again in a different place. We deal with a huge snake three times and finally get rid of the monster.

We talk with the old man in the next hall, who is kidnapped by an unknown demon. We pass further and find Telkhin on the open platform.

Jade Palace Menu

How to Defeat the Final Boss Telkhin

Titan Quest Pride Of The Jade Palace

At the first stage, the enemy summons his spirits, which surround the hero and attack in melee, and the demon at this moment uses a magical ranged attack. We destroy the ghosts and finish off the boss, who will turn into Omega-Telkhin, who stuns the hero in close combat, summons assistants and uses a massive volley of fire over most of the location. We kill the enemy, talk to the elder and go through the portal. On this adventure in Atlantis and the world of Titan Quest will be completed.

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