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Unforgettable (Philippines Movie); Unforgettable; Jasmine takes her newfound doggy friend Happy on a long journey to her sick grandmother in Baguio. Unforgettable is a Filipino film starring Sarah Geronimo, directed by Perci Intalan and Jun Robles Lana. The film was released in cinemas on October 23, 2019 under Viva Films. The film was released in cinemas on October 23, 2019 under Viva Films.

As a hardcore EXO-L, of course, I will not miss out on Kyungsoo’s famous movie. Pure Love (Unforgettable).

Let’s begin with the storyline.

I love the storyline because it is very sweet and innocent. I like the beginning of the movie, there was this one scene that made me shocked and realized something very special about one of the main character. I won’t tell you what scene it was because no spoilers.

The cast

Do Kyung-soo aka DO as Beom-sil (male lead)

Kim So-Hyun as Soo-ok (female lead)

I personally love Kim So-hyun and Kyungsoo so I was very looking forward to this movie.

The love story

This movie revolved around the love story of Beom-sil and Soo-ok. It started out as Beom-sil, the one who’s deep in love with Soo-ok. But the pure Soo-ok knew nothing about love. Until, Beom-sil found out that Soo-ok had been secretly seeing the doctor from the city. The story continued from there.

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There was also this kiss scene, I was very anticipated for it. But the director made it seem so unadulterated that I was kinda disappointed.

The ending

I cried. I only cried in 1 movie and it was The Fault In Our Stars. I cried in the movie theater because it that movie was so sad. But this is going to be the second movie that I cried in. I was home alone, bawling my eyes out.


Be prepared if you have decided to watch this movie. It’s very sad. Bring some tissue box, ice creams and a buddy to cry with.

Overall rating

4 and 1/2 stars.


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Thank you for reading!

A side note for EXO-Ls:

Please support Kyungsoo a ton because he worked very hard for this movie. Thank you!

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