Unlocking of ZTE modems can be tiring as they mostly don’t get unlocked via unlock codes, I will show you how to unlock ZTE MF190 modem free.

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To get code for unlock ZTE You need to provide IMEI number of Your modem / router ZTE. Type on keyboard.#06# or remove battery from Your modem / router ZTE to check IMEI number. IMEI is written on the information label. How to enter code for modem / router ZTE MF190: 1. Insert unacceptable. SIM card 2. Connect modem to the computer using the. Currently, nearly all Huawei modems ZTE dongles issued by service providers are protected, coded to work only with SIM cards from a specific service provider. Is your Huawei modem or ZTE also protected to a particular SIM card? Don’t panic, wasconet.com will provide you will you unlock code free. IMEI (can be found on the modem) The Model How to enter your unlock code After. ZTE MF190 factory unlock code is now available. To unlock ZTE MF190 modem, you will have to enter the code purchased from unlockmyrouter.com or from any other unlocking server. After unlock, it will work with any SIM in any part of the country and worldwide. Download dc unlocker http://www.mediafire.com/download/257uffn1nt7fz92/ZTE-Flasher.rar.


Most network carriers sell out two major internet modems, the Huawei and ZTE modems, if you have the old Huawei modem you can unlock it yourself with ourOnline Huawei Unlocker, if you have the newer type of Huawei with the new algo code (86***) then head over to my Unlock Your Huawei New Algo (E303, E3131 etc) Free page.

Unlocking your ZTE MF190 Modem

  1. First download Dc Unlocker from this link here
  2. Get your ZTE ready for unlocking by removing the memory card if you have one in and insert an unsupported SIM card (not a sim from the network carrier)
  3. Plug in the ZTE modem inside your computer allow the modem’s dashboard to come up then make sure to close it
  4. Now unzip the file you have downloaded you can use winrar or winzip to extract it
  5. Now open the file inside the folder named DC Crap.exe
  6. on the first option select ZTE datacards, select auto detect and click search (see the picture below) it should detect your modem now
  7. Now on the right hand side click unlocking and click unlock
  8. within few seconds your modem should be unlocked and you will get a notification that your modem has been unlocked successfully

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Most network operators Launched ZTE hotspot/modems/wifi routers with more data plans, here we providing how to unlock guide with unlock code u can read and follow it to purchase unlock code and use all networks worldwide like vodafone orange optus telstra telenor tim wind zain stc ooderoo airtel mtn mts xl bolt globe tatoo etc …

so how is this works ?

example if u bought the zte wifi stick from tim italy operator u cannot use another networks, but here we mentioned how to unlock the zte internet device and use all sim cards

Unlock code supported for all models

MTC 833F ZTE MF90 / ZTE MF83 / ZTE MF65m / ZTE MF80 ZTE MF65

Instructions to Unlock Zte Wifi Modems / Routers :-

1.Make sure Your ZTE charged atleast 20 % and insert another network sim card inside and turon On

(example : if your operator default sim is TIM italy then insert inside Wind italy sim)

2. Now your zte network light in red color , no worry just continue , plug your ZTE via usb cable to to Pc or Laptop ! It will prompt to install setup – just finish setup !

(i) If U have No USB cable no worry just Eastablish your zte wifi and connect to your smart phone /pc /lap/iphone/ipad/tab anyone !

3. Make sure ZTE connected via USB or Wifi to your pc /lap/iphone/ipad/smartphone/tab anyone !

4. now Open Browser and Enter Ip (or ) ( or default ip in ZTE back side sticker )

5. login with username password as admin/admin ( or check ZTE back side sticker default login )

6. Now Your ZTE asking Enter Unlock code im prompt box just enter Unlock code and Apply it !


(or ) go to settings > find the Unlock Sim Option and enter unlock code to unlock it !

7. Unlock completed ! u can use all sim card now !

Alternate Unlock Instructions if unlock code enter page not Found

Use the Tricks here 🙂

Hsupa Usb Stick Mf190

Press F12 ( chrome browser recommended )

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Look at the Image and find ( ctrl +f ) and replace the Text as

“None ” – remove and replace it to ” yes ” ( without quotes ” ) and hit enter

Note : Do not Enter any wrong unlock code in your ZTE it will give only very less unlock attempts ! so use right genuine code u can purchase here the right Unlock code
by given purchase link down bellow


also u can contact us with right side contact form “unlock in 10 minitus “

for more support

whatsapp +91 8695459892

email [email protected] / [email protected]

Unlock Zte Free

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