This video shows you how to setup your KKL OBD2 USB Cable to be ready to use with 3rd party diagnostic software such as VCDS-Lite 1.2, NDS II for PC, Subaru. VAG KKL USB 409.1 Fiat Ecu Scan KKL Switch Fiat ALFA Note: These instructions are only to be used in case the automatic driver installation is not successful. These instructions are for Windows XP. Installation under Windows 98/ME/2000 is similar, but not necessarily identical. Make sure you have already downloaded and installed VAG-COM on.

Vag Kkl Driver Android

Image outline tool. There is a simple script that will fool the VAG-COM 409.1.

Vag kkl driver windows 8

What you need:

Vag kkl driver windows 7 64
  • VAG-COM 409.1 release.exe
  • Vag-Com 409.1 Cr.exe
  • starter.bat – simple script that will fool the VAG-COM

Disconnect internet connection. Install VAG-COM. Install d1.bin, d2.bin and d3.bin. Do not run the program (if you did, you have to close it and reinstall bin files)

Vag Kkl Driver

Before you run the program: In the main program directory create subdirectory named “full”: C:Program FilesVAG-COMfull and copy three files d1.bin, d2.bin, d3.bin from Cr installation direcotry. Run starter.bat.

Vag Kkl Driver Windows 8


Vag Kkl Drivers Win7

starter.bat source

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