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Plug-in, 60 Presets & Tutorials

Create and animate realistic lens flares in Nuke with amazing speed and simplicity Optical Flares for Nuke is the complete lens flare plug-in for Nuke. Simulate realistic light fx and add depth and atmosphere to your projects! Optical Flares for Nuke Highlights. Optical Flares: Download link: ― » » » https://twit.

Full Plug-in + Pro Preset Pack
(Save $10)
Full Plug-in + Pro Presets 1 & 2

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3D Lens Flare Creation Studio
• 3D Lens Flares with AE Lights
• Intuitive Design Interface
• Live Visual Preset Library
• Real Texture Support
• Dynamic Triggering Animations
• Chromatic Aberration
• Up to 32 bpc color support
Optical Flares is a plug-in for designing and animating realistic lens flares in After Effects.
Build, Edit and Customize Lens Flares with amazing speed and simplicity
• 12 unique Lens Objects
• 50 custom Lens Objects
• Large Pop-Out Preview window
• Rename, & Rearrange Objects
• Show BG in Preview Window
• Integrated Copy & Paste
• Duplicate Objects & Undo/Redo
• 60 Built-in Presets (included)
• Real Lens Inspired Presets
• Share & Swap Presets
• Save All Settings in One Place
• Save & Reuse Individual Objects
• Expand and Build New Presets

Illuminate your Possiblities

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

• 3D Animation
• Motion Graphics
• Commercials
• Music Videos
• Graphic Transitions
• Compositing
• Special Effects
• Combine with Particle Effects
• Add final touches to Motion Graphics
• Simulate Concert or Stadium Lighting
• Fake Volumetric Lighting
• Help Blend 3D Animations
• Build a virtual Light Array for Music Videos
• Add Realism to your Virtual Sets
• Add Flares to Live Action Footage
• Simulate Visible Atmosphere with Lighting
• Simulate Bright Lights in your scene
• Draw focus to a product or graphic
• Accentuate Highlights or contours
Powerful Preset Pack for Optical Flares (optional)
The Pro Presets is a collection of 50 detailed high-end flares set up with shimmer animation, edge flare-ups and more.
This collection offers greater versatility to the 60 built-in presets as well as providing creative ideas and usage of elements
Also, each object can be saved and combined with your other lens flare presets.
Save $10 with Optical Flares Bundle
The most powerful Lens Flare tool in the world!
Optical Flares will automatically calculate size and intensity based on your 3D Lights.
• Works with lights exported from your 3D applications
VideoVideo copilot optical flares plugin free download
• Create multiple flares with 1 instance of Optical Flares
• Choose to render Flares for specific lights only

Add realism with lens artifacts from actual photographic elements to create the most genuine lens flares ever seen!
• Use custom layers from your project in a flare
• Auto-rotate textures towards light for realistic movement

Static lens objects come to life with dynamic triggering to create natural animations without keyframes!
• Recreate organic animation with several trigger types
• Create a flash of light as your flare exits the frame
• Trigger area can be previewed for precise animations

3D Lens Flare Creation Studio
Simulate dust & scratches on your lens that becomes visible by the light source. Includes 12 HD lens textures or use your own.
Obscure layers by alpha or luminance to simulate the light source going behind objects in the foreground. Works with 2D & 3D layers!
Generate a lens flare from bright spots in your video such as a particle system or matte layer. Control resolution and threshold.
Animate lens flares along the contour of complex shapes with ease. Great for detailed shapes that would require extra key framing.
Add smooth flowing shimmer to elements with self-propelling animation. Simply set the amount and speed of the animation. -No Keyframes!
Simulate realistic color bleeding around the outside of the lens. This effect also helps make the lens flares look more organic & natural.
Make lights appear more energetic with random light flickering featuring a unique seed for each light source. Choose from smooth or Twitchy.
Optical Flares renders up to 32 bpc offering high color fidelity as well as enhanced speed with Graphics card acceleration.
Build stunning lens flares with the use of 12 powerful core objects. These elements offer unmatched flexibility with detailed control settings.
Control the position of each object with distance, offset and custom translation. These features are essentials to building anamorphic elements.
Learn Optical Flare with fun projects
Optical Flares includes over 90 minutes of After Effects training by Andrew Kramer.
Learn to use Optical Flares with several real world examples and in-depth information on building complex lens flare presets from scratch.
The tutorial include building a wall of lights, constructing a bright concert scene and tutorials that teach you how to combine Optical Flares with live action footage.
Tutorials include footage and images required to complete the lessons with After Effects.
The Creative Lens Flare Studio
Load Presets with 1-click and try out many looks for your project. You can add to or remove elements to get the perfect look. Experimentation is encouraged!
Optical Flares is designed to provide instant visual feedback when editing a lens flare and when loading presets. You can even combine multiple presets to create the ultimate Lens Flare that would be so bright that it would have a lens flare too!
Make as many lens flare presets as you want and easily save and organize them into sub-folders for quick retrieval.
Mac & PC Compatible

Optical Flares Plugin

Mac* (Intel only) & PC Compatible
After Effects CS5 and up
*Mac OSX 10.6+ required for OF Version 1.3.3 minimum of CS3

Video Card GPU Support (optional):
Optical Flares does not require a special graphics card to render but you can increase render performance with better cards.
NOTE: Other graphics cards may be supported but speed improvements may not be as great. GPU Compatibility may vary on Mac converted Nvidia Cards, since updated drivers are not available from Nvidia.
Available in 3 Packages:
Includes the Optical Flares Plug-in, 60 Presets and 5 Video Tutorials.
OPTICAL FLARES BUNDLE: only $139.95 (save $10)
Includes all the above, plus the Pro Preset 1 Pack with 50 high-end flare presets.
PRO FLARES BUNDLE: only $165.00 (save $29)
Includes all the above, the Pro Preset 1 Pack and Pro Presets 2 each with 50 high-end flare presets.
The Pro Presets 1 ($25) and Pro Presets 2 ($45) are available separately.

Video Copilot Optical Flares Plugins

Plug-in License:
The product may be installed on 1 workstation and 1 personal system such as a laptop or home computer. This applies only if the systems are used by the same person and not multiple users. Please read our License Agreement for more information.

I have been creating visual effects with Adobe After Effects for a while now and over the years have gathered a number of plugins that I love to use. This is my personal favourites list and you should keep that in mind when looking at these plugins and evaluate whether they would be useful to your own film projects and visual effects.

Triple s driver download for windows 10

Red Giant

Red Giant has some of the best products out there and you should definitely check out their website. These are my personal favourite Red Giant plugins for After Effects and Premiere.

Trapcode Particular

I love to create particle effects in Adobe After Effects. I use them for explosions, dissolves, laser beams, destruction and all sorts of other detailed effects. While After Effects comes with the built in CC Particle World effect, I did find it limiting at times.

Trapcode Particular offers many advanced particle controls like detailed particle property animations, physics an auxiliary system to spawn child particles and advanced shading.

It is very easy to use and I recently made a tutorial for it showing you how to create cool Fireworks effects using Trapcode Particular.

Magic Bullet Suits & Magic Bullet Looks

Almost without exception, all videos I have upload to YouTube have been colour corrected and colour graded to some extent. While Adobe Premiere and After Effects contain a lot of built in tools to help you take charge of the colour of your footage, one plugin collection I have learnt to love is the Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite. The Magic Bullet Suite has recently been split up into a few separate suites and the one that I would choose is the Color Suite.

This suite includes a great set of tools for correcting any colour issues with your footage and achieving a cinematic look. Out of the Suite, the one plugin I’ve been using the most is Magic Bullet Looks.

Magic Bullet Looks is the simplest tool I have ever seen to achieve cinematic looks with a few simple clicks. You simply apply the plugin to your clip and then you can select from a large set of existing colouring options and tweak them or built your own colour effect using a myriad of inbuilt processing steps.

Video Copilot After Effects Plugins

Besides creating amazing After Effects tutorials, Video Copilot also has a large number of high quality plugins available for Adobe After Effects that I enjoy using.

Video Copilot Twitch

Video Copilot Twitch allows you to easily create chaos effects for your videos. It allows you to distort colours, lighting or playback speed with a few simple clicks and animate flickering. Twitch is a plugin that I’ve used a lot, from my Zombie Hunter Halloween VFX Short Film to the logo for Surfaced Studio. The plugin is simple to use and won’t break the bank.

Video Copilot Element 3D

Download Plugin Video Copilot Optical Flares

I have a full tutorial on how to easily create great looking 3D Integration VFX using the Video Copilot Element 3D plugin.

Element 3D is a plugin that allows you to add 3D elements into your scene directly inside of After Effects. This used to be a bigger deal before After Effects CC added Cinema 4D Lite and the Cineware plugin, but it’s still a great tool to easily get some 3D elements into your scene and animate them.

ELement 3D is actually a Particle Replicator and so it allows quick and easy setup and distribution of a large number of 3D ‘particles’ in your scene as well as animating them. It is not a ‘particle system’ and so can’t use it to spawn any new particles, but with some clever tricks you can use it for all sorts of cool visual effects!

Video Copilot Optical Flares

Another great plugin from Video Copilot that I enjoy using is Optical Flares. Optical Flares is a plugin that allows you to create great looking lens flare effects and comes with a large amount of presets that you can simply add to your scene and animate to your liking. As an example, I have used them for Walter’s laser vision effect in my YouTube trailer video.

I’ve been using it a fair bit and I find it very useful to add intensity to all sorts of lighting, laser, fire or explosion effects. I have seen it being used a lot in commercial work and for the price I think it’s definitely worth it

What Are Your Favourite Plugins?

This is my list of favourite plugins for Adobe After Effects. Which plugins do you enjoy using the most and why?

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