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IPad/iPhone Games. In Virtual Villagers 5. Everyone Free Trial: Yes Current Download Rank: #218. Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers Screenshots. Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers. Everything you know about Virtual Villagers has changed! Explore the center of Isola in this innovative new chapter in the Virtual Villagers series, while you reckon with a band of mysterious masked heathens, who do not believe in you! Download Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City now for FREE and enjoy: Real-time weather: Clouds, fog and sudden downpours. Real-time gameplay: New surprises every time you turn the game on. Investigate and rebuild the remains of a ruined city. Help your villagers make a variety of unique potions from hidden herbs, many with unpredictable effects. Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works.

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Categories/Tags: island settingpeople simulationvirtual villagers series

  • What's Free - Play game for 100 minutes.
  • File Size - 66 MB
  • Play It On - Win XP/Vista
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Game Description

Virtual Villagers: New Believers puts you in control of your very own tribe. You and only you are responsible for the health and well being of the members of your tribe!

Choose From Tons of Unique Villagers

At the start of the game, you are given the opportunity to choose 5 unique villagers to add to your initial tribe. Choose carefully because your first tribe members will be instrumental in establishing your tribe in heathen territory and spreading the good news of your faith to the unbelievers.

Builders, parents, healers, farmers and researchers all have their place in the master plan, and their special skills will help build bridges between the two very different peoples.

Gain Godlike Powers By Spreading the Faith

As the number of the followers of your faith increases, so do your powers and abilities. These abilities are essential for helping your tribe to dismantle and destroy the heathen totem poles throughout the area.

Your faith levels may be strengthened either by converting reasonable heathens or by increasing the numbers of your own tribe through the birth of children. Either way, the more people who share your beliefs, the more power you will gain.

Engrossing, Engaging Gameplay

In order to get tasks done in this game, you may direct your tribesmen by dragging and dropping them in areas where things need to be done. You must keep the skills and training of each tribe member in mind when directing them to do tasks, because they will refuse or become confused if it's something outside of their skill set.

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Heathens with yellow or red masks will interfere with your plans, so remember to keep an eye out for them at all times.

Great Graphics and Sound

This game has a visually pleasing graphic style that is charming and cute. Each of the villagers has their own unique attributes such as hair color, hair style, eye color and clothing, making it easy to distinguish one villager from the other.

The backgrounds are brightly colored and well detailed and the masks of the heathen tribe are bright and distinctive.

The sounds and music fit the game nicely and remain pleasant for the long haul.

Excellent Replay Value Equals Hours of Fun

This title provides long lasting appeal due to the real time pace and the amount of trophies and goals available for you to achieve and unlock. You will easily play this title for hours!

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