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Virtual Villagers is a unique type of PC game that gives the illusion of running a village simulation in real time. The basic idea is to manage a small tribe of villagers, helping them survive and ultimately unravel the mysteries and puzzles on their small island. Villagers will move around and perform tasks more or less on their own initiative, although they will need some assistance and encouragement, especially at the beginning. The story is all but non-existent. A disaster struck their previous home and only a few villagers managed to make it to a new island, Isola, to start over. This is not a game to play for plot, but for gameplay, which, although it is not really very deep, is simple and strangely compelling. Picking up a villager and dragging him over certain areas will reveal hints about that area in the form of a reaction given by the villager. Dropping him in certain areas will induce him to perform a relevant task. For instance, the first goal is to keep the village from starvation. Dropping a villager onto a source of food will induce him to forage, although it may take several tries for him to gain enough skill at it to keep doing it.Free

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Villagers can learn in five different skill areas: Farming, Building, Researching, Healing, and Breeding, and they can gain three levels of achievement at each skill: Apprentice, Adept, and Master. Villagers will gradually gain skill automatically as they practice a skill. Higher levels will allow the villager to perform the task better and faster. Sometimes a Master in a skill is necessary to fulfill a puzzle. There are also two levels of six different areas of research to fulfill, which often unlock various abilities or puzzles.

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