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25 March 2009 - Autodesk, Inc., has announced Autodesk SoftimageMod Tool 7.5 software (formerly SOFTIMAGE│XSI Mod Tool). Thisfree* 3D modelling and animation package for aspiring game artistsis based on the same professional toolset as Autodesk Softimage(formerly SOFTIMAGE│XSI). Game studios have used Softimagesoftware to create hit titles such as Metal Gear Solid 4 and FableII.

I can find a couple tutorials on how to.Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool software (formerly XSI Mod Tool) is a free. 3D modeling and animation package for creating non-commercial games and 'modding.Selection of software according to 'Softimage xsi mod tool 7.5 download' topic.BATTLEZONE COMMUNITY FORUMS. Softimage 7.5 XSI Mod Tool for.

  • Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 is based on the same professional toolset found in Autodesk Softimage 7.5, used by game developers to create 3D characters, levels, props and animation. Game developers can use Softimage Mod Tool toextend the life of games and recruit talent with a modding community using.
  • Mod Tool is built on the same powerful XSI 6 3D engine used by leading game companies like Valve, Lionhead Studios, Pandemic, CAPCOM, and more. With Mod Tool at your fingertips, you can create original games for PC and Xbox 360 using Microsoft XNA.

Softimage Mod Tool gives the next generation of gameartists access to professional tools, so they can learn whilemaking their own games or game mods, said Marc Stevens,Autodesk Media & Entertainment vice president, games.Game developers can also use the software to extend the lifeof a game by building a community of modders. Game mods can go onto become commercial games in their own right, and they can be usedby developers to identify talent for recruitingpurposes.

New Features in Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool 7.5

Xsi Mod Tool 7.5 Downloadd

New learning materials: Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 comes withtraining materials from Noesis Interactive. These materials showusers how to create a character and export it for use in MicrosoftXNA Games Studio 3.0.

New real-time shading API (application programminginterface): Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 supports the Realtime Shader APIversion 3.0, which helps make real-time shader development simplerand more flexible. The new version offers an architecture focusedon programmable shaders (GLSL, HLSL) and file-based effects (CgFXand DxFX). With these capabilities, what game developers see inSoftimage Mod Tool is what they get in the game.

Interactive Creative Environment (ICE): ICE is an open,scalable platform that enables artists to extend the capabilitiesof Softimage more quickly and intuitively using a node-baseddataflow diagram. Artists can now quickly create complex 3D effectsand tools without writing code.

Support for Windows Vista operating system: AutodeskSoftimage Mod Tool 7.5 now supports the Windows Vista Businessoperating system.

Create Compelling 3D Content for Microsoft XNA and Major GameEngines

Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 can export 3D models and animation foruse with the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3 framework. Fledgling orindependent game developers now have access to a professionaltoolset for creating original games on the Microsoft Xbox consoleor Windows platform.

Users can also download add-ons for content export to CrytekCryENGINE 2, Epic Unreal Engine 3 and Valve Source game engines.With this professional 3D toolset modders can produce charactersand props for their favourite game.

Commercial Version for Microsoft Xbox Live Community GamesAvailable

Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool Pro 7.5 software is functionallyidentical to the Mod Tool, but has an End User License Agreementthat allows users to produce assets for games sold viaMicrosofts Xbox Live Community Games. Autodesk Softimage ModTool Pro 7.5 is available only with Microsofts XNACreators Club Premium membership. For more information visithttp://creators.xna.com.


Autodesk anticipates that Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 software willbe available in April 2009. For more information, visit www.softimage.com/products/modtool.

*Free products are subject to the terms and conditions of theend-user license agreement that accompanies the software.

Autodesk Softimage and XSI are registered trademarks ortrademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/oraffiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brandnames, product names, or trademarks belong to their respectiveholders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product offerings andspecifications at any time without notice, and is not responsiblefor typographical or graphical errors that may appear in thisdocument.

2009 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved

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Contact: Kim Willsher or Sally Brown, Red LorryYellow Lorry, +44 (0)20 7403 8878

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Mikael Lowenhielm, Autodesk, +46 (0)31 726 0000

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Xsi Mod Tool 7.5 Downloads

SOFTIMAGE XSI is the most advanced 3D animation software for games, film and television. Now you can model, animate and render with unparalleled performance. The XSI Gigapolygon core, capable of handling massively detailed models with millions of polygons, is the number one reason why leading entertainment companies are switching their next generation projects to XSI. Built on the newest code base and designed for the way the artist thinks, XSI empowers you to bring your creative vision to life.
URL: www.softimage.com/
Tutorials: Softimage Video Tutorial Series
Current Version: www.softimage.com/downloads/XSI_Trial/default.aspx

a FREE version of Softimage for Game moding ( exports to Unity with FBX etc ) can be downloaded here [1]

Autodesk® Softimage® Mod Tool software (formerly XSI Mod Tool) is a free 3D modeling and animation package for creating noncommercial games and 'modding' (modifying games). Autodesk® Softimage® Mod Tool 7.5 is based on the same professional toolset found in Autodesk® Softimage® 7.5 software, used by game developers to create 3D characters, levels, props, and animation.

Free for Noncommercial Game Creation and Modding

Free to download*—Download now.For aspiring game artists—Aspiring game artists can get started with professional tools to help create 3D characters, props, levels, and animation for games.

Xsi Mod Tool 7.5 Download Free

Export to Other Engines, FBX, COLLADAAdd-ons are available that enable export to Crytek CryENGINE® 2, Valve® Source™ engines, and Epic Unreal Engine 3. Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 also exports Autodesk® FBX® software and COLLADA files for engines that support it.

Known Issues

Xsi Mod Tool 7.5 Download Full


Unity Scale Calibration


Meshes (Modelling)


Textures (UV's)



when creating custom rigs you can use nulls or object as bones in FK chains when exporting to unity using crosswalk.



Exporting to Unity

no issues with export as OBJ from softimage

animated objects guide- make sure you have the latest version of crosswalk from autodesk [2]

best to make your own rig you can only envelope to FK chains, export using FBX and Unity will read the animation without issue.

Use simple materials only. If you have generated normal maps for your object in XSI it's best to assign a new material before exporting. Only connect a texture to the diffuse port of your new illumination shader and export using FBX. Connect the normal map in Unity.

Scene Cleanup

On the crosswalk export options panel turn off Camera and Lights


Xsi mod tool 7.5 download freeXsi mod tool 7.5 download free


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