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Κατέβασμα Τραγουδιών από YouTube σε Mp3 (320Kbps) Έχετε 'λιώσει' να ακούτε κάποιο τραγούδι στο YouTube, αλλά θέλετε να το ακούσετε και Offline στο κινητό, το mp3 ή τον υπολογιστή σας? For example, if the sound in the video is equivalent to 64 kbps MP3, Softorino YouTube Converter 2 will download the audio in that quality. If the file has 128 kbps.

Youtube 320 Kbps Download

Do you know what the most popular video-sharing website is? Of course, you do because of everyone else too! Yes, you are right; it is YouTube. But even after, there are thousands of different music streaming services. For a surprise, even YouTube has its very own music app. Still, YouTube is the people’s top choice for listening to music online. YouTube is a video streaming service, and unfortunately, it lacks an inbuilt video to MP3 converter. Due to this issue, most of the YouTube Users are sourcing MP3 files from YouTube to MP3 converters for a long time.

YouTube is sharing an immense number of videos with billions of daily users and millions of daily uploads. But you must be aware that almost all of the content uploaded on YouTube is in mp4 format. So what if anyone wants it to convert any YouTube video in mp3 320kbps format? Well, now you can do that, all thanks to 320YouTube.com. With this, you can convert any YouTube video into an mp3 format with a single click. Several online converters and offline mp4 to mp3 converting software are available, but they all require huge disk space and CPU usage to convert any YouTube video into mp3 format. Moreover, and unfortunately, these converters also have annoying advertisements and popups. These popups get secretly downloaded in your system along with the file hence putting your all privacy on risk.

Something you need to know!

From offering in-house video download options to a dedicated service for listening to YouTube music offline, YouTube has tried different ways to kill these YouTube converters. Even YouTube’s own music app YouTube Music has been proven successful so far. But, thousands of people still prefer converting videos to MP3. With all this, we are witnessing an epidemic of YouTube downloaders and converters. Most of these YouTube downloaders and converters are laced with malvertising and intrusive pop-ups.

How YT to MP3 Converter Online Works?

We know what you are thinking, that how the working of an online converter and its turnaround time. You have to follow the time taking the process to convert a single youtube video to mp3 format In an offline video to mp3 converting software. You have to download the video first in your system and then re-upload it, and the process goes on. But as the mp3 converters are totally free, so that’s not the case with our YT to mp3 convertor online. They work on a professionally built algorithm that quickly converts any YouTube video to mp3 320kbps format. All you need to do is to paste the exact URL of that particular YouTube video that you want to convert in mp3 format.

How to Use YouTube to Mp3 320Kbps Converter?

The process of converting videos into mp3 is not that difficult. It is an easy and simple task. To use YT to Mp3 320 kbps YouTube converter free, you only need to follow these simple steps in a proper sequence to convert any YouTube video to mp3 format. All this matter is for a few seconds.

  1. Copy the URL of YouTube Video.
  2. Paste it in the search box of 320YouTube.com YouTube to mp3 downloader online 320 kbps.
  3. After that, click the convert button.
  4. Wait for few seconds until the mp4 format is converted into mp3 format.
  5. Within a few minutes, the mp3 file of that YouTube video will be available to download. The converting depends upon your internet speed.


These converters are the best when you want to listen to YouTube music in mp3 format. 320Youtube.com makes its users fully satisfied with the quality of YouTube to mp3 converter. You can also use 320YouTube.com if you are looking for YouTube to Mp3 Converter 320 kbps for iPhone. You can also use this for YouTube to Mp3 download online for android. 320YouTube supports all browsers and devices. You don’t have to worry about your android or IOS version. Just enjoy YouTube music to the fullest!

Have you heard about YouTube? Of course, you have! There are only a few people left on earth who don’t know about YouTube as its one of the top 10 apps of all time! Now, there are more than hundreds of music streaming services available at your disposal. Yes, not only that, but you will also see YouTube’s very own music app through which you can listen to songs. But YouTube is one of the best video streaming services and not something good for audio conversion. It lacks an inbuilt video to MP3 converter. Hence you will see many users have been sourcing MP3 files from YouTube to MP3 converters.

There are some things you should know:

It’s not that YouTube hasn’t tried already. But they have tried to finish off these YouTube converters that are offering in-house video download options to a dedicated service for listening to YouTube music offline. If you don’t know, then we must tell you that YouTube Music has been successful enough. But there are thousands of people that would still prefer converting videos to MP3.

320 Mp3 Youtube

Important Note: We do not support downloading or converting YouTube videos that are protected by copyright. Use these tools to convert videos that you own or are licensed under the Creative Commons license.

What you also must know is that these converters will perform malvertising and intrusive pop-ups that can make it difficult for viewing experience. Hence we have made a list of the best free and safe YouTube to MP3 converters that will be free from all these bad actions, and you will get high-quality 320Kbps conversion, which can help you hear good music.

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1. YTMP3 Video Converter

Our 1st entry is YTMP3 Video Converter. We feel this is very simple to use and one of the best options where there won’t be any intruding ads on their homepage. The best part is that all you have to do is copy the URL and press the convert button, and the work will be done. You can use this MP3 converter to convert MP4 videos into music.

YTMP3 Video Converter is clearly for users who want to get their audio separated from the video quickly. We feel that this is one converter that instantly converts audio files whenever you wish. They also have a dark mode, which looks kind of cool.

2. Audacity

On 2nd, we have Audacity. For those who still haven’t heard about this popular converter, Audacity is one of the best open-source audio editor and people all over the world will also use Audacity to record audio from YouTube videos. Yes, we agree that the conversion will take some additional steps, but it still is one of the best and safest YouTube to MP3 converters.
If you are using Audacity for the first time, we must tell you that the whole process for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files is very easy. You can convert YouTube video to MP3 using Audacity through these steps —
First you will open the app → Then you will click on record button → Next you will play the YouTube file in another tab → Post that you will “Stop” the recording → Finally you will find the export option under the file menu → You will choose the format → and end the process by clicking the Save button.

While using Audacity, you will notice many MP3 customization bit rate options to choose from. Hence, you can convert YouTube MP3 files in as high as a bit rate of 320 Kbps.

3. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

Our 3rd entry is Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader. We must inform you that Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is one of the best MP3 converters for converting audio offline and YTMP3 is one of the best for online YouTube video to MP3 conversion,
What we feel is that the Jihosoft 4K video downloader offers an uncluttered and straightforward user interface that barely has any ads. Hence you can use it effectively without any interference. You can turn on the Smart Mode and extract MP3 files from YouTube videos quickly. You can also purchase a one-time $29 premium key through where you can convert whole YouTube playlists to MP3 files.


On 4th, we have YouTube-dl. YouTube-dl is supposed to be one of the most challenging apps to set up, if you have no prior knowledge of using the command line. For those who have no clue, YouTube-dl is a command-line program through which you can easily download YouTube videos & channels in one shot.

5. VLC

Youtube Mp3 320kbps

Our 5th entry is VLC, software that you can use to convert YouTube videos to audio files. The best thing we feel about VLC is that millions have trusted it in the world. We encountered only one problem with VLC that only a few YouTube links don’t stream in the video playback software. The reasons for this are still unknown.

Download Youtube Mp3 320 Kbps

6. Online Video Converter

On 6th, we have Online Video Converter. This is one of the MP3 conversion software that allows users to switch among different bit rate options. They also have a simple user interface and YouTube video download options. There is a tab pop-up when you click on the Download button but no obtrusive ads at all.


Our 7th entry is FLVTO, which has a refreshing user interface with vibrant buttons and colors all over the place. It also has a Chrome extension through which one can rip MP3 from YouTube videos in a long time and also many social media sharing options.

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8. Any Video Converter

On 8th, we have Any Video Converter that is considered to be an all-rounder tool for YouTube video downloads. The best part of Any Video Converter is that it covers multiple format options right from audio to video conversion. While using Any Video Converter, you can download YouTube videos along with videos from DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more.
Any Video Converter is a free converter that also features a DVD burner tool for those users that wish to place the ripped YouTube MP3 files on a disk. But there’s also a catch! When you are converting any video to mp3 first, you will first be required to download the video.

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