Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (Europe) (GameCube Edition) 24.18 mb: 861: Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) 24.28 mb: 9299: Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (GameCube Edition) 24.18 mb: 1122: Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (Rev A) 24.28 mb: 919: Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (Rev B) 24. Download 'Legend Of Zelda The Ocarina Of Time Master Quest' ROM for GameCube. If you download any ROM from the website you have to own a license for that ROM. Legend Of Zelda The Ocarina Of Time Master Quest ROM. File size: 1.0GB. Console: GameCube. Genre: Action, Adventure. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the best video games ever made, and it originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998. It was the first 3D adventure in the Zelda franchise, a series that made a name for itself during the NES and SNES era of Nintendo gaming. Experience Hyrule like never before! This HD texture pack for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D upscales and re-creates a majority of the textures to HD or higher. For use in the Citra 3DS emulator only (does not work on real 3DS or 2DS hardware). Note: The 4K release is only available to Patrons.

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This is a texture pack for The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, Master Quest disc and VC versions of Zelda OOT and Zelda MM. Depending on the game you play, the textures folder will need a different name.Gamecube
Original texture sources:
- Zelda OOT Community Retexture Project for Nintendo 64 emulators: http://www.emutalk.net/threads/55307-Zelda-Ocarina-of-time-Community-Retexture-Project-V7
- Bluedart's Majora's Mask texture pack for N64 emulators: http://www.emutalk.net/threads/51244-bluedart-s-Hi-Res-Majora-s-Mask
- Nerrel's Majora's Mask texture pack for N64 emulators: http://www.emutalk.net/threads/56677-Majora-s-Mask-N64HD-Project
- Some OOT textures come from a 3DS inspired texture pack: http://forums.zelda64.net/topic/10473840/1/
- Artwork from zeldawiki. For example: http://www.zeldawiki.org/Category:Ocarina_of_Time_Artwork
- Some icons are artwork from BLUEamnesiac, a deviantart artist: http://blueamnesiac.deviantart.com/
Without them, this project would be impossible.
IsoPorting and editing credits:
- masterotaku: most of Zelda OOT, disc menus, logos, new HD icons, 2D backgrounds, most of the HUD and a bit of Zelda MM.
- Admentus: most of Zelda MM, some of Zelda OOT, transparency corrections, most characters, some fonts, effects, some HUD stuff, etc.
- Bighead: skybox textures, which was a difficult and tedious task.
- Amon1995: some icons as contribution.
What is done:
- Disc menus for Collector's Edition and Master Quest.
- Zelda OOT.
- Zelda MM.
- 16x Anisotropic Filtering: apart from setting it in Dolphin, you need to go to the game configuration file (SysGameSettingsPZL.ini), you'll see 'MaxAnisotropy = 0' and 'ForceFiltering = False' under Video_Enhancements. Delete or comment with '#' those lines to see the textures more correctly and avoid shimmering. The default values are needed for Zelda I and II.
- Overclocking the emulator: 'Config->Advanced->Enable CPU Clock Override', and increase the percentage at least to 200%. It's necessary for fullspeed at all times, especially if you use 30fps codes. Without OC, there are fps drops in some zones.
- Use 'Prefetch Custom Textures' to avoid possible hitches. The texture pack gre bigger over time, so if you don't have enough RAM you may be interested in deleting Zelda OOT or Zelda MM environment textures, depending on which game you are going to play.
- Recommended builds: latest Ishiiruka build or latest master builds, as always.
Screenshots from an old version of the pack, downscaled from 4k:

More here, to avoid long loading times in this thread:
More screenshots with SSAO enabled:
Screenshots with the new aspect ratio fix:
http://u.cubeupload.com/masterotaku/Dolphin166.png (3D screenshot)
http://u.cubeupload.com/masterotaku/Dolphin165.png (3D screenshot)
Download links (latest version is v2.1):

Main download link (DDS BC7), v2.1. By default all 4:3 textures:
(Old) Main download link (PNG), v1.3. By default all 4:3 textures:
(Old) Main download link (DDS), v1.3. By default all 4:3 textures:
Optional nearest neighbor filtered 2D background textures:
Newest link: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B96P0b2nUqYoTE1LYTVpVm41a2s&export=download
Old links:
Google Drive Mirror: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B96P0b2nUqYoTE1LYTVpVm41a2s&export=download
Dropbox Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z3y54d3s0fab6wx/Nearest%20Scaled%20Backgrounds%20%28PNG%29.7z?raw=1
Old stuff, not necessary with the latest widescreen Gecko codes:
(Old) Optional nearest neighbor filtered 2D background textures, 4 folders inside to choose and place inside the 'PZL' folder:
Optional 16:9 textures in PNG format (v0.5):
Optional 16:9 textures in DDS format (v0.5):

Installation instructions for the texture pack:Time
- Place the 'PZL' folder (change it to the name of your game ID if needed, like 'D43' for the Master Quest disc) in the 'C:UsersYourUsernameDocumentsDolphin EmulatorLoadTextures'.
- Enable the 'Load Custom Textures' option in 'Graphics->Advanced->Utility'.
- Optionally, you can also enable the 'Prefetch Custom Textures' option, if you want Dolphin to load all textures at the start.
V2.1 (done by Admentus):
- Partially replaced Romani Ranch, Termina Field, Ikana Canyon, road to Ikana, Snowhead, road to Snowhead, Southern Swamp and Deku Palace.
- Replaced Astral Observatory and remaining parts of Clock Town (such as Kafei's Hideout).
- Replaced PERFECT text.
- Replaced beach and grass-field at Great Bay.
- Replaced Stray Fairies (both the character and interface).
- Replaced skyboxes for day and night. The old skyboxes are available as optional textures.
- Updated world map once again, same style through.
- Replaced fonts for Majora's Mask specific songs, items, button actions and locations.
- Replaced fonts for when a new day arrives and boss introductions.
- Other small replacements and fixes.
- Improved DDS BC7 conversion thanks to Bighead's continues updates to his Custom Texture Tool. DDS BC7 should really be up to par with PNG by now.
V2.0 (done by Admentus):
- Redid the majority of Clock Town (Kafei's House and the Observatory are still missing).
- Redid the map of Majora's Mask
- Redid the menu screens of Majora's Mask
- Redid Majora's Mask's exclusive bottle icons.
- Redid Termina Field partly.
- Redid the moon, it is supposed to be creepy once again.
- Removed duplicate textures.
- Replaced the minimap for Clock Town.
- Redid the Bomber's Notebook.
- Redid the Lost Woods introduction sequence for Majora's Mask.
V1.4 (done by Admentus):
- Added Virtual Console textures for Majora's Mask, still not finished through.
- Added more disc menu textures such as saving messages, which are created from scratch.
- Converted all textures to DDS BC7 instead of DDS DTX1/5.
V1.3 (done by Admentus):
- Finished Characters: Ganondorf, Adult Epona, Ingo, Talon, Cursed Man, Rauru, Sabib, Granny & Sheik.
- Added Characters: Nabooru, Gorons (OoT), Darunia, Zelda's Horse, Ingo's Horse, Fishing Pond Fish, Horses, Impa, Pond Owner, Royal Guard, Deku Tree Sprout, Adult Princess Ruto, Adult Zelda & King Zora.
- Added Special Effects: Saria's Song, Graveyard Blast, Silver Rupee, Fading Light, Lens of Truth, Fire Boosted Platforms, Farore's Wind, The Shadow Beast prior to the Shadow Temple and more.
- Added Item Icons: Unavailable Zelda's Letter, Unavailable Odd Mushroom & Unavailable 30 / 40 Slot Deku Bag.
- Finished Monsters: Moblin, Poe, Dead Hand, Stalfos, Flying Tile & Lizalfos.
- Added Monsters: Bari, Biri, Parastic Tentacle, Stinger, Tailpasaran, Flare Dancer, Spike, Armored Lizalfos & Torch Slug.
- Added Bosses: Barinade, King Dodongo, Morpha, Volvagia & Phantom Ganon.
- Finished Bosses: Twinrova.
- Added Current Map Locations: Zora's Domain (English).
- Added Remaining Minimaps: Gerudo's Fortress, Fire Temple & Shadow Temple.
- Added Item Objects: Deku Seed Bag, Boomerang, Iron Boots, Bow, Pocket Cucco, Zelda's Letter, Fishing Rod, Gerudo's Membership Card, Megaton Hammer, Hover Boots, Mirror Shield reflection, Silver/Golden Gauntlets, Prescription, Eyeball Frog & Claim Check.
- Added Mask Objects: Skull Mask, Spooky Mask, Keaton Mask, Goron Mask, Zora Mask & Gerudo Mask.
- Finished Area's: Hyrule Castle Courtyard, Grounds & Broken Drawbridge, Temple of Time, Sacred Realm, Zora's Domain, Lon Lon Ranch, Kakariko Village, Kakariko Graveyard, Sun/Underground Cave, Sacred Forest Meadow, Death Mountain Trail & Crater, Goron City, Gerudo Valley, Gerudo's Fortress, Haunted Wasteland & Desert Colossus.
- Added Area's: Granny's Potion Shop.
- Finished Dungeons: Inside the Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Ice Cavern, Below the Well, Gerudo's Training Ground, Forest Temple, Fire Temple, Water Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple & Inside Ganon's Castle.
- Added Dungeons: Ganon's Castle & Tower.
- Added Final Boss Sequence: Ganon's Tower Boss Rooms, Ganon's Broken Castle & Tower, Ganondorf, Ganon & The Final Boss Arena.
- Added facial animation for Adult Link.
- Redid Young Zelda's face.
- Swapped Master Sword item icons (the unavailable icon was used as the available icon and vice versa).
- Transparency fixes as usual.
- Fixed non-loading textures and added textures for the optional upscaled backgrounds pack.
V1.2 (done by Admentus):
- Added HD backgrounds for Dampe's House, Hyrule Castle Town Market at Day as Child Link, Zora Shop - Normal View and Lon Lon Ranch Stables - Normal View.
- Added HD skyboxes for Ganon's Tower and Hyrule Darkness at Day.
- Added the citizens in Hyrule Town.
- Added missing textures for the shops in Hyrule Town.
- Added the Guardhouse / Ghost Shop (same location, different time).
- Added most of Talon.
- Added the citizens of Kakariko Village (including the Kid at the Graveyard).
- Added missing textures for Kakariko Village and the Graveyard.
- Added and completed the citizens of Kokiri Forest (Skull Kid Flute, Saria, Fado, Shop Owner).
- Added Ghoma Queen and Ghoma Larva.
- Added missing textures Ganondorf and his horse.
- Added missing textures for Hyrule Field.
- Added more missing special effects.
- Added missing textures in the Lost Woods (entrance to Goron City, rope), inside the Deku Tree Dungeon and Kokiri Forest.
- Added missing textures in the area outside of Ganon's Tower.
- Transparency fixes (as usual).
- Removed the upscaled backgrounds which received a HD port. Includes Dampe's House and Hyrule Castle Town Market at Day as Child Link.
- Moved Zora Shop - Talk View background from the main pack into this optional pack.
- Added and upscaled (Point x8 of course) Lon Lon Ranch Stables - Top View and Temple of Time at Night as Adult Link.
V1.1 (done by Admentus):
-Added Tingle maps.
- Higher quality icons for event items.
- Added Pea Hat enemy.
- Added PERFECT text.
- Added Bomber's Notebook ingame and textboxes. Also added a missing texture in the Notebook menu.
- Added Ocarina of Time NTSC-U Virtual Console Intro Logo.
- Redid Cucco.
- Added Kamero.
- Added missing textures for Princess Zelda, Great Fairy, Happy Mask Salesman and Postman.
- Upscaled Deku Bubble Blast effect.
- Added more missing effects (including startup).
- Added the missing FHeart Containers shown in the File Menu. Also added a missing empty heart icon during the intro.
- Added missing textures throughout Clock Town, Termina Field, the introduction and Romani Ranch.
- Transparency fixes as usual.
V1.0 (done by Admentus):
- Finished the Milk Bar (Zora Band credits included).
- Added missing textures for Top of the Clock Tower, Observatory, Termina Field, Woodfall Temple and the Termina world in general.
- Added At the Moon dungeon.
- Added the Giants, Anja at her wedding, Great Faeries (OoT version also changed), Bomb Shop Lady, some weird penguin, Evil Fish, Seahorse, Cucco, Cursed Man, Beaver Brothers, the Fisherman, Goron Elder & Child, The Zora Band Members, Great Bay Scientist, Swamp Witches, Monkeys, Deku Salesman and Keaton.
- Finished Major Dotour, Gerudo Guard, Gorons, Shooting Range man, Skull Kid, Great Bay Turtle, Gorman and Deku Princess
- Added Great Bay area.
- A few texture replacments for Lon Lon Ranch and Great Bay.
- Completed Snowhead and Southern Swamp area's.
- Added more missing textures for the Disc Menu.
- Added Deku Nut Smoke Flash used by the Pirate mini-boss.
- Added more effects, mostly a lot of water.
- Fixed textures for Southern Swamp, Clock Town tower light, swamp water, spiderwebs and a lot more effects.
- All item icons with their labels should be ported, including disabled items for Fiercy Deity Link.
- Transparency fixes.
- Added minigame textures, for the Beaver's Minigame, Gorman Horserace and Swamp Shooting Gallery points.
- Added all missing minimaps (missed a few in Snowhead, Great Bay and Woodfall Temple).
- Added missing fonts for the fourth day and credits.
- Added Japanse fonts (thank you tao!).
- Added missing texture's for mask items, Pictobox, Great Fairy Sword and Hero's Bow.
- Completed the Octorok (big version), Deku Scrubs, Frog and Leever.
- Added Amon1995's version of the Master Sword as optional textures.
V0.10 (done by Admentus):
- Alien monster added.
- Fixed glas windows.
- HUD symbols for archery, countdown and dojo.
- New textures for the Disc Menu.
- Changed Malon to Majora's Mask style in order to ensure Cremia and Romani have a healthy and fitting skin. Clothing remains unchanged.
- New Characters: Anju, her mother and grandmother, Bomb Shop Owners, Bombers, Carpenters, Romani & Cremia, Romani Chick Hermit, Romani Racetrack Lady, Guard Captain, Dojo Master, Dancers, Cursed Man, General & Curiosity Shop Owner, Honey & - Darling, Jugglers, Kafei's Mom, The Mayor and his secretary, Milkbar Owner, The Gorman Brothers, The Professor, The Shooting Range Guy, The Treasure Shop Girl, Toto, Mysterious Hand, Scarecrow.
- Fixed Characters: Dog, Banker, Guard, Postman, Link.
- Font for &.
- Clock Town: Bomb Shop, Curiosity Shop, Dojo, General Store, Honey & Darling's Shop, Lottery, Mayor's House, Milk Bar, Observatroy, Post Office, Shooting Gallery, Stock Pot Inn, Treasure Chest Shop, Bomber's Hideout, Deku Minigame, West Clock Town, East Clock Town, North Clock Town, South Clock Town.
- Milk Road: Main Road, Gorman Racetrack, Romani Ranch, Romani's House, Romani Barn, Romani Chicken Coop, Romani Dog Racetrack.
- Amon1995's Ocarina of Time Medallions. Thank you!
- Removed duplicate textures. Also placed textures in the proper folders en properly renamed folders for V0.7 support.
V0.9 (done by Admentus):
- New item, equipment and quest icons with text label (no Razor Sword yet sadly).
- Optional textures for the orginal icons.
- A lot of transparency fixes (new added textures are already checked for transparency issues).
- Completing Ocarina of Time area's (Kakariko Village Windmill, Dampe's Hookshot Trail and Lon Lon Ranch).
- Fixed effects (sun to prevent it to be broken in Majora's Mask, ice, rain drops, light drops and more).
- Finished Ikana Canyon region (Secret Shrine, Beneath The Well, Ghost Hut, Ikana Graveyard and each underground cave, Music Box House, Ancient Castle of Ikana, Cursed Water Cave, Fairy Fountain and Sakon's Hideout).
- A few parts for Clock Town (Kafei's House slightly, The Pond, Outside of the Observatory).
- Finished Termina Field (including entrance area for Ikana Region).
- A few parts and replacements for Southern Swamp (Deku Palace, The Bean Salesman Cave, Outside of the Magical Hag's Potion Shop, Woodfall).
- A few missing textures for the Blacksmith's Area in the Snowhead region.
- New monsters (Bad Bat, Big Poe, Dodongo, Garo, Iron Knuckle, Takkuri and Wallmaster). Also fixed Poe, Stalchild, Frog and Wolfos.
- New characters (Windmill Man, Ingo, Cow, Dampe, Bean Salesman, Curioristy Show Owner, Darmani, Epona, General Shop Part-Timer, Pamela and her father, Invisible Guard, Poe Collector, Zelda, Sakon, Sharp Brothers). Also fixed the Banker, Blacksmiths, Deku Salesman, Happy Mask Salesman, Malon Kafei and Owl Statue.
- More textures for Link.
- Normal health textures added.
- Added all minimaps.
- Save notifier texture added.
V0.85 (done by Admentus):
- All four dungeons.
- All four dungeon entrance area's.
- Ikana Canyon.
- Remainder of the Notebook interface and fonts.
- About 50 characters and enemies.
- Some parts of Clock Town.
- The introduction before entering Termina.
- Fixed all minimaps, added more minimaps and all minimaps for the four dungeons.
- Transparency fixes.
- Higher quality icons for boots (thanks for masterotaku), arrows, Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Hero's Shield, Fishing Rod and Notebook.
- Textures for Majora Link, his masks and transformations.
- Effects for Majora such as Ice, Flames, Explosions, Water and so on.
- Added some missing icons for Majora's Mask.
- Added missing A button texts for Majora.
- Collectable fairies for each dungeon.
- The skybox for day and night.
- Higher quality drop icons for bombs, hearts, deku sticks and deku nuts.
V0.8 (done by Admentus):
- A lot of additions to Majora's Mask textures (including up to the second area and temple). Around 1100 textures.
- Improved arrow drop icons and other transparency fixes.
- Higher resolution dungeon entrance in minimap (xBRZ x5 and manual edit).
- Skull Kid textures in OOT.
- Dungeon map menu, dungeon names and icons. Thank you, Admentus, for providing textures.
- 'é' letter.
- Optional nearest neighbor filtering for backgrounds as a separate download. High RAM quantity recommended.
- Higher resolution OOT and Master Quest logos.
- Corrected size of year at OOT and MM title screens.
- Master Quest disc menu with better logos and background effects.
- Corrected save menu transparency.
- More textures for Gerudo Valley, made by modifying and mixing existing ones.
- Underground Cave textures.
- Sun textures.
- HD Majora's Mask logo and titles in the title screen.
- Upgraded magic jar drop icons.
- Upgraded most item and mask icons, for both OOT and MM (almost everything from the wikis, Biggoron Sword from a deviantart user called 'blueamnesiac').
- Some places and characters retextured in Majora's Mask.
- Most of Majora's Mask HUD and UI. Missing Razor Sword icon and name for now.
- Boss names for MM: done.
- Finished and fixed the minimaps of all dungeons.
- Sky textures thanks to Bighead.
- Added 2D backgrounds for the Bazaar and Bombchu Shop.
- Fixed texture clipping in the world map in the pause menu.
- Finished all boss name textures.
- Finished all item name textures.
- More textures for environments and characters.
- Fixed some small textures that weren't loading.
- Added most remaining zones (Gerudo Fortress, Desert Colossus, Death Mountain Crater, the inside of some market buildings, and some textures from other zones).
- Added a big texture to the Collector's Edition menu: the 'comic strip' of Wind Waker, created using the separated images of the hypatia texture pack of Zelda WW.
- Some textures I forgot to add, like the interior of the Deku Shield, the slingshot, fairy ocarina, goron bracelet, etc.
V0.4 patch 2:
- All icons and names of Biggoron's Sword quest items.
- Finished all bottled items too.
- Added a pair of ice textures from Zora's Fountain.
- More Malon textures, and a few more characters added.
- Tweaked the fire effect, and added the red ice texture.
- Location names in the map (and a pair of icons). I forgot about this one until now, and it was easy to do.
- Added one Master Sword texture that was missing.
- Added more character and enemy textures (Sheik, some Ruto textures that were missing, beamos, deku scrubs and more).
- Poe sisters paintings in Forest Temple.
- Zora Domain fixed. There were some incorrect textures (ground, and water reflection). Also added waterfall textures.
- More item icons and names (hookshot, bullet bags, quivers and some bottled items).
- Some non-dungeon minimaps that were missing.
- Bow and arrow textures.
- More bosses names, until Phantom Ganon.
- One texture of the permanently destructible tomb in the graveyard.
- Retextured all remaining areas.
- Most character and enemy textures are done.
- Many fixes of missing or incorrectly placed textures.
- Fixed some textures that I had placed incorrectly (adult Link's belt, fairy fountains, grass textures, etc).
- Added missing textures to previous zones.
- Disc menu for Zelda CE PAL version (English and Spanish languages for now).
- Added the Master Quest (PAL) disc menu to the main pack. Spanish text for now (English text for the next update, probably).
- Updated logos for OOT and Master Quest.
- More zones: Sun Cave, Gerudo Valley and Fortress (the original texture pack only has a few textures for the Fortress), Haunted Wasteland, Ganon Castle outside, Lon Lon Ranch, Shadow Temple and Bottom of the Well, and Dodongo's Cavern (WIP).
CPU: Intel Core i5 4670k @ 4.4GHz
GPU: GAINWARD GeForce GTX 1080 Phoenix 'GLH'
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X DDR3 16GB 1600MHz CL7
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo GameCube. This game developed and published by Nintendo.


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest Gamecube ISO Info:

Release Date: February 18, 2003
Genre : Action
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo EAD, NST
Region : USA (NTSC U)
Platform : GAMECUBE
Rom Type: ISO

Download Links: Game size: 1.1 GB

USA Google Drive Filesupload Mega DriveTusfiles Multiup

For Extracting Rar File Use WinRAR or 7zip

Zelda Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough

GameCube/GCN ISO Also Playable on PC with Dolphin Emulator


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Zelda Ocarina Of Time Rom N64

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