While some people may choose to use Zoom on-the-go using the mobile app, many may want to download the video platform for their Mac desktop or laptop. Using Zoom on a desktop allows for more. Oct 28, 2020 Zoom, the cloud meeting company, unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform.Take advantage of a complete solution that includes video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across ZoomPresence, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and H.323/SIP room systems.

This article explains how you can download and install the Zoom app on your Mac. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing and meeting service. Its popularity has significantly increased in recent weeks. It is similar to Group FaceTime.

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Here is how to download and install Zoom.

There are two ways to install apps on a Mac:

  1. You can download apps from the Web and then install them.
  2. Or you can download apps from the Mac App Store.

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Installing an app from the App Store is easy and safe. However, the Mac App Store does not have all the apps, including Zoom. You can download from the Web but the process is a little more complicated.

Please follow the steps below to successfully install Zoom on your Mac:

  1. Open a Web browser on your Mac like Safari.
  2. Visit the Zoom download page: https://zoom.us/download
  3. You can install Zoom or Zoom Rooms. Select one and click the blue Download button. And your download will start.
  4. Unless it is changed, your download will be saved to your Downloads folder. This will be a PKG file.
  5. Find the file you just downloaded and double-click it.
  6. This will start the installation process. You may run into an error message saying “Zoom.pkg” can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store. Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store”.
  7. If you see this message, you need to change your Mac’s Gatekeeper (a security feature) setting. Here is how:
    1. Click the Apple menu on your Mac.
    2. Click System Preferences.
    3. Click Security & Privacy.
    4. Click the General tab.
    5. Find the “Allow apps downloaded from” section and then you need to select the “App Store and identified developers” box. To make changes, you will need to click the lock icon and enter your admin password. Also note that since we just tried to install Zoom, you will see a note saying “Zoom was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer”. You can also click the Open Anyway button.
  8. Now open the file again. Just follow the onscreen instruction to complete the installation process.

You can remove apps also from your Mac.

and we've published the ULTIMATE guide on it). You can also record your meetings and sessions, and this feature makes it easy to revisit the meeting details at a later point in time. And unlike Skype, here the recordings do not disappear after the 30 days.While Zoom also lets you save recordings of meetings and sessions in Cloud, this option is only available for Business and Education accounts. If you do not have either, these recordings will get stored in your Mac and PC's local Drive.Well, let's find out how to see and edit Zoom recordings on both Mac and PC.

How to Find Zoom Recordings on Mac and PC

The good thing about Zoom is that the app interface is nearly similar for both Mac and Windows PC.Step 1: Open Settings by tapping the Cog-icon at the upper right corner.Click on Recording, and you will see the location for the local recording.Click on Open, and the Zoom folder on your PC or Mac will open right away.Step 2: The folder name has the date as the prefix, followed by the host's name and the Meeting ID. Double click on the icon, and you will see the audio and video files.VideoBy default, the recordings are stored under the Documents folder automatically.
  • Windows — C:UsersUser NameDocumentsZoom
  • Download

    Download Zoom Video For Mac

  • macOS — /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom
  • You can change that location. To do so, click on Change or the drop-down, and pick a folder from the list.
    However, if you want to save the recordings on project-related folders every time you record a meeting, the best option is to enable the 'Choose a location to ..' option.

    Foto Video Mac Deinze

    That lets you pick a different location each time you have to save a file, thus saving you time in the long run.
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    How to Edit Zoom Recordings on Windows 10 PC

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    Since we are talking about local recordings here, editing them is a child's play. You needn't go through the hassles of uploading these recordings on random third-party servers. Instead, they can be edited in the safe confines of your PC.If you are looking to do something basic like trimming the start and the endpoint or splitting the clips into two, Microsoft Photos' Video Editor lets you do them all.
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